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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Last night's dream

(HNT is down two)

I dreamed of him last night. I've not before, so it must be a sign that it's been too long. Dreamed of his masculine chest, his very hairy legs, the five o'clock shadow that forms 10 minutes after he's shaved. The contrast between his skin and mine, representing the extremes of the Caucasian spectrum. The gleam in his eye as he tells me about his fantasies, the things that would horrify his strait-laced wife. The childlike enthusiasm elicited by my willingness to make the fantasies come true. The smile, OMG, the smile that could get me to do almost anything. The sigh that escapes his lips when I tease his ass with my tongue, the immense pleasure he gets from doing the same to me, his finger sliding in as his tongue moves to pleasure other areas, as I suck and stroke his thick, rock-hard shaft . . .

Yeah, it's been way too long.


Sue said...

I dream every night about what is yet to come.

I hope I will tonight as well. Been a bit longer than I like since I've seen any online activity from him and I'm starting to worry. Ok, I'm beyond starting to worry...I am worried.

Lady in red said...

my favourite kind of dream