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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wanting the Fantasy

Have you taken a look at the TV schedules lately? Bionic Woman, Pushing Daisies (cutest protagonists on TV or what?), Reaper, Moonlight, Chuck, Heroes, Ghost Whisperer (I can't stand this show, even if the main character does have the best first name on TV EVER), and so on.

Some believe that we want escapist, fantasy fare the most when we are down or stressed or otherwise see a bleak and hopeless world. That the war in Iraq, the crappy economy (at least here in the Midwestern U.S.), and the U.S. President that no one, not even his own party, likes anymore add up to a nation and world in need of a little fantasy entertainment. In the Great Depression it was adorable Shirly Temple in improbably cute situations. Now supernatural, cutesy-romance, sci-fi stuff - it all satisfies our need to get away from the raw cheerlessness of our dreary everyday lives.

The characters are cuter, stronger, braver, and smarter than we'll ever be or than anyone we'll ever meet. They have power over things and people that we could never truly achieve. We want the fantasy to avoid our workaday world and it's ever encroaching ugliness.

That's exactly what sexual fantasies are for most of us too. An escape from the everyday world, where everyone is better looking, supremely skilled, intensely sexy, madly in love with us, and has all the time in the world to devote satisfying our every need, physical and emotional.

We all need an escape from reality sometimes. My fantasy escape?

The setting:
A cool, almost cold, somewhat dimly lit room; not dark, because I want to see everything, but not harshly bright either. Sexy jazz saxophone providing background music - loud enough to hear clearly, not so loud it drowns out our own sounds. A bed, an armless chair, a shower and/or hot tub nearby, with abundant scalding hot water available.

The characters:
Me (it's my fantasy, right?). An intelligent, sexy man who is able to block out all thoughts except those of pleasing me. A man skilled, but not jaded; enthusiastic, but not overeager; a man capable of gentle passion as well as animalistic intensity.

We interrupt this fantasy for real life: My son's school just called, damn it. Hysterical meltdown. I can't finish this right now . . . .

Any volunteers to help flesh out this fantasy? (so to speak)


SoCal Sal said...

Gus entered the room. I can make out the fit masculine silhouette but can’t tell from here what he is actually wearing. “He babe” he says, “care to gently sway to the music with me?” ... How could I refuse such an offer. A chance to delicately trace his outline with my fingers. A chance to feel him pressed lightly against me. A chance to breathe in and savor his scent. A chance for him to touch me ...

Steff said...

I agree, in the world today most just want to come home and mentally escape all the ugh that makes up our world. And that hot guy on Moonlight sure helps make the world look better! :)