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Monday, October 15, 2007

Mute Monday - LOVE

Today's theme is Love

Puppy love:

First love:

Forbidden love:(The white/gray kitten, Oliver, is in Benjamin Rabbit's bed, you see . . . )
(Yes, my apartment was trashed. I was studying for the bar exam, so shut up!)

Promise of love:

(Me - in the white dress- and Spousehole. May 1, 1999)

But it always comes back to
self love:


Kitty said...

self love is good. It's just the way you want it when you want it.

Keep looking for all the good sweetie, dwell on the good.

Ms. Place said...

Oh, my. So true.

searabbit said...

Interesting take!
Happy MM!

crse said...

I saw the dog and thought its caption was "first love". Are doggys not always our true loves?

Java Junkie said...

Excellent, Bunny! We had a blog mind meld!!

Anonymous said...

Self love is the most important; if you don't love yourself, how can anybody else? Happy MM!

ArtfulSub said...

We almost had a TRIPLE MIND MELD. But I changed mine to rant about the environment. Great stuff!

Happy Mute Monday!

Rebicmel said...

Happy MM. Love is a wonderful thing


It all starts with the self love....nothing wrong with that.

~d said...

That self love kind of threw me off!
And those first love pics! (sshhh!)
THAT GIRL so could have been ME!
I effing PROMISE you!!!

Happy MM!

Bunny said...

Thanks all.

crse: my doggies and my kitties were indeed my first loves.

java & art: great minds . . .

~d: that is me in the first love pics, with my first love. We were together two years in high school. We were 15 in the pic with the red dress (size 1 *sob*), 16 with the lavender dress (size 3 more sobbing - I thought I was fat, can you believe that?).

TUG said...

That was pretty damn good.

You forgot the forbidden love and the secret love ;)

Edtime Stories said...

I love how you put these together...and self-love was awesome.

Cali Girl said...

LOL.. great pics!!!

Happy MM!

jsull said...

great pics
I vote for the self love!
even clicke it to see if anthing was luring behind it!
great pics!

Loving Annie said...

Good Monday afternoon Bunny !
Love is always a good theme. Your pictures made me sad - cute puppy, poignant couple, so hopeful, and then of course, self-love :)

George said...

I love myself today - Bif naked

Valyna said...

Great shots!! And I love that you have your own photos. I'd love to do that, but I usually don't have the time or I feel my life isn't interesting enough ;) The self love shot is great!! You rock, chica!

Vixen said...

*snort* I'm all about self love.