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Sunday, October 14, 2007

The wedding wasn't half bad

Turned out I knew one person there - my husband's boss - and I was seated next to him, so that was cool. THERE WAS ALCOHOL. Thank God and all the saints in heaven for that one. But it was odd - I wanted a rum and diet Coke. First of all, they only had Pepsi products. I could deal with that. *flipped painstakingly straightened hair* But then the only rum the bartender had was Black Cherry Rum. WTF?? I didn't want cherry and the hard liquor selection was limited, so I went with vodka and a twist of lime. I could live with that. *flipped painstakingly straightened hair, once again* There was also wine served for toasting (and sparkling grape juice - which do you think I chose?), but that was the sweetest white wine I have ever had. It was like drinking corn syrup with alcohol. At least it seemed to have a pretty high alcohol content. Too damn sweet though. Think of the sweetest cheap reisling you've ever had and imagine it 1000x sweeter. That was what this stuff tasted like. And the consistency was like syrup on the tongue. Ugh. I don't mind sweet if there's some crisp on the back end, but there was no crisp with this stuff. *flipped painstakingly straightened hair, once again*

Turns out the bride and groom are big into Renaissance fairs and stuff, so the guest were a very eclectic group. Everything from totally straight and normal to multiple tats and piercings to major league geekdom. I could get into the crowd, since there was something for everyone.

Spousehole never once told me I looked good or anything. Jerk. But I got my flirt on with a couple cute guys (young- oh so young) and I must not have been too horrifying ugly and/or old since they played along. I was just getting into dancing with the adorable but tongue-tied 27-year-old best man (he'd had a few draft ciders) when Spousehole announced that it was time we picked up the kids and went home. Party-pooper. My feet hadn't even started hurting yet from wearing heels.


Lady in red said...

what a party pooper taking you home before your feet start to hurt lol

glad it wasn't a total wash out

George said...

It was an open bar and they didn't want to spend too much?

Kitty said...

lol wonder why it was all of a suddent time to go home?

Work it girl!

crse said...

Good for you dancing with the cute young boys! Im glad you made a good time out of it anyway buddy.