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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Preamble

When I was in my 2nd yr of law school, on the first day of Con Law our prof asked if we were familiar with the preamble. The class, of course, broke out in song - this song, from Schoolhouse Rock. It was one of my favorite law school moments.

My favorite post-law school moment was at our swearing-in ceremony in my town. The appellate judge doing part of the oath said "Repeat after me: I, state your name" and about half of us said "I, state your name" and burst out in laughter. The stick-up-their-butts people didn't find it amusing, but the rest of us did. I smiled for the rest of ceremony at that one.


Anonymous said...

That reminds me of sitting in Dendrology class in college and the instructor was talking about variations in a certain tree species, and he said, "I ran into this tree in Oregon once" and left enough space for my buddy to yell out, "did it hurt?" Three quarters of the class, including the instructor, laughed [and we took down the names of those who didn't C;)].

George said...

Really into A/V today ... good ones Bunny

crse said...

You have no idea. I sing this at least once a week. Its one of my favorite stuck in my head songs!

Stephen Rader said...

I LOVE this clip so much! Back in '96, I was the first male replacement in the cast of SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK LIVE! and I've never had so much fun on stage!! Singing THE PREAMBLE, INTERJECTIONS, THREE IS A MAGIC NUMBER!! It was blast!