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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Snow and Ice - Isn't that nice?

It snowed bad here Thursday night. I mean, not horrible, but several inches with ice underneath. It was a reminder that winter is really coming. Again.

Then last night we had an ice storm. We knew it was coming and planned ahead. Saturday was my mom's birthday (66, if you must know) and my parents didn't want us driving home after celebrating with the family, so we stayed at a hotel in their town. The kids thought that was great. Girl and I went swimming Saturday afternoon and then we met my family for dinner out. It was fun and the kids were well-behaved. We went to my mom's house for cake & ice cream and for her to open her gifts. The kids played with their cousin and had a ball. We had told Boy he could go swimming when we got back to the hotel, but it was late when we returned so I told him I would take him Sunday morning.

So this morning after breakfast I took Boy swimming. Spousehole had a hissy fit. "Going swimming on Sunday morning?" he kept saying. I finally said that yes, we were going swimming because I promised my son. Spousehole said that I was disrespecting God by choosing to take the Boy swimming because it meant we wouldn't get back to our town in time to go to church. I told him to get over it. He showed me his ring-less left hand and said "I'm never putting it back on. Ever." I replied that I never asked nor expected him to do so and took the Boy swimming. The way I figure it, God will forgive our missing church 4 or 5 Sundays out of the year when an opportunity for fun comes up. It's not like we blow it off regularly. 4 or 5 Sundays a year is the max we ever miss. If God has a problem with it, he'll find a way to let me know.

Boy had a great time swimming and I'm glad I didn't make him miss it in favor of rushing back home to go to church. When Boy and I returned to the room, I really expected to find Spousehole and Girl had cleared out and headed home without us. That would be like him. But he surprised me and was still there. He wasn't talking to me, but that was easier to live with than if he had abandoned us there and made me have to have my Dad drive us back home. I'm still surprised he stayed. Perhaps he is finally maturing a little.


sandy shoes said...

I can't speak for the almighty, obviously, but I think God would dig that you made good on your promise to your son.

We're waiting for that same storm to hit us - coming later today, I think.

George said...

We have already had your storm pass us last night ... not much to it ... few cm of snow and that was it.

I am not a religious person but I firmly believe that you do not need to go to church every week. If you interact with God whenever and wherever you want, if you keep him in your heart ... isn't that a lot better than showing up at church every Sunday because it is "time for church"?

Anonymous said...

Maybe God wanted to go swimming too. I bet no one ever asks God to go swimming. Poor lonely God. C;)

Loving Annie said...

I'm glad he had a good time swimming. God definitely understands :) You kept your promise, and that is what matters to a child.

Sue said...

He didn't leave you there because he didn't want your family seeing his ass.

I'm pretty sure that spending quality time with your kids rather than going to church once in a while, is certainly never going to be a sentence to hell. *rolling eyes at Spousehole*

ZigZagMan said...

I think god finds joy in a swimming pool more than a church where he isn't really welcome.......:)

A promise to a child on the day of rest trumps most others..:)

Dates Bubbas said...

You will not find Him within walls of wood or stone...

sandy shoes is right - it's about making good on a promise to your son. I was fully expecting Spousehole to have left, too. Glad he didn't. But why the drama over the ring?

Vixen said...

Keeping a promise you made to your son seems very important. Of *course* Spousehole couldn't understand something like that.

*rolling eyes*

I'm glad you took your son anyways. :)

And that Spousehole was still there when you got back!

Blue said...

I'm too late to say anything worthwhile, but everyone else has it right.