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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hey Hon, Where Are We Going?

This morning I was up before everyone else, showered, had breakfast. Nothing unusual. Fed the kids when they got up. Spousehole took a shower and got dressed. I bathed the kids and got them dressed in casual play clothes. I just had on jeans and a polo. Spousehole, however, was dressed a little nicer. Jeans, yes, but a button-down shirt and a sweater. Decent shoes, not sneakers. I thought he seemed dressed a little nicer than usual for a casual Saturday, but whatever.

As he re-dressed the Girl (she strips, a lot; I have no idea where she gets that), he said "When I'm done here we'll go." I wondered where it was we were going, but didn't ask. We often go out somewhere on Saturday morning. Also we had discussed yesterday going to a local gourmet/import store and to Penzey's for some foodie gifts for Christmas. Boy had also been saying "Go see [cousin's name]." So I just figured we were going to the stores or my sister's or something. I figured I could roll with whatever. I'm spontaneous like that sometimes. :-)

We get in the car and start driving in a direction that will not take us to the interstates (yes plural) less than 1/2 mile north of our house. Any of the expected destinations would require taking an interstate. Okay. I can deal with whatever. No big.

A few minutes later we are approaching downtown, about to pass our church. He slows, then turns on the little side street that really doesn't go anywhere except our church and an apartment building. I am confused. Did I forget something we signed up for at church? I finally said "Hey hon, where are we going?" "Church?" he answered in a "duh" voice. "On Saturday?" I replied in the same tone.

To his credit, Spousehole laughed at himself as hard as I did. All morning he apparently thought it was Sunday. We laughed for several minutes. Then he said "You know, I wondered why Car Talk was on on Sunday." He added "I feel so stupid." "Oh, it's no big deal. These things happen to everyone once in a . . . " "I've never heard of this happening to anyone," he interrupted. "Once in a lifetime?," I finished. More giggling.

A little funny snippet of our life. There are still light moments.

(We got our foodie gifts and went back home. Didn't go to see nephew and sister because there's a "winter storm warning" and while we will drive through anything, my parents worry like crazy. So we're not going to their town just to keep them happy.)


George said...

He is probably so caught up being poor that he can no longer afford Saturday.

We have the same winter storm warning ... hate snow and cold

Anonymous said...

I am happy it's Saturday, because I have been thinking it was Saturday all week. C;)

Sailor said...

I am wishing it would be Saturday all week; and we have winter storm warnings as well, and the sleet has started, and it's brrrrrrrrrrrr cold.


Zoely said...

LOL @ George..."he can no longer afford Saturday..." LMAO!!!
MM & i NEVER go anywhere together. Yesterday he took Fin sledding and after they'd been gone a few hours i started to panic and wonder if maybe he'd absconded with my son. Because that's the type of thing *I* would do.

G-Man said...

A 'quiet' story is a good story Bunny..
We got hammered early this Morn..I bet we got 6-8 inches since 4:00 AM

Vixen said...

I hope you are ok Bunny.


Anonymous said...

lol..get the man a case of Ginseng??

Too funny.

Flyinfox_SATX said...

I try my best never to lose a weekend day. I leave it to thinking its Friday when its really Thursday...