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Friday, December 7, 2007

Spousehole is my hero today!

I know - that's a title you never expected to see. But it is true. I may even be halfway nice to him today. :-)

I was just telling Rae, a law student who has computer problems right before her finals next week, how handy it is having my own personal version of the Geek Squad (but more competent) right here in the house. Then he went and proved how true that is.

My computer died on me yesterday. It was highly upsetting, because I consider it my lifeline sometimes. Anyway, it had been just freezing up off and on for about a week. Then yesterday it froze up and didn't come out of it, so I did a hard reboot. That had fixed the problem in the past. This time - no such luck. It would get through the Dell splashscreen, then just whirr and click but not progress any further. ARRGGHH!

I told Spousehole about my problem when he got home. He didn't seem too terribly interested, but said he'd look at it when he got a chance. I really expected him to never get around to it. After he had watched two episodes of Enterprise on his laptop (bit torrent downloads), I asked if he had a chance to look at my 'puter. He sighed and started messing with it. I expected him to give it a cursory glance and say "I can't fix it. You'll just have to live without it." I went upstairs to get the kids bathed and ready for bed. About 45 minutes later, he came upstairs and told me it was fixed!!! He said there was something funky with the hard drive (which I suspected from past experience with this machine) but he fixed it(!). I asked how and he got into an explanation that didn't make much sense to me, but it works!! Yea!!! (Something about running some linux program I'm not familiar with and fixing some problem I've never heard of, blah blah blah - it's fixed!!)

I told him that when we separate I'll miss his mad 'puter skills. He said that he'll fix my 'puters if I cook for him once in a while. I said "It's a deal" and we shook on it.


Polt said...

Fixing meals for fixing computers? Sounds like a fair trade to me. :)

Glad you're back with us!


Sue said...

My ex fixed everything I needed him to in exchange for meals for a while too. It was very handy.

Then Paul came into my life and that was all over. Not because he wouldn't do it, but Paul is Mr. Fix-it even better than my ex. And in so many areas. House problems...fixed. Car...fixed. Computer...dude, fixed!

Loving Annie said...

Glad it is fixed, and it sounds like a good trade to me too !

Weekends Off said...

Yea for a useful spousehole!

TAG said...

Back up your data ASAP. (Maybe even sooner than that. This perhaps falls into the RFN category.)

That clicking sound is the sound of your hard drive in its last days. I found out the hard way that even a few weeks worth of lost data hurts.

Enjoy a great weekend.


Vixen said...


Wow. He can be nice.

Who'd have thunk?!

Pleased your computer is fixed. :)

Dates Bubbas said...

1. tag is right - it's on its way to DEAD. Dell does that to some PCs.

2. I'd never let him touch my computer once he was out of my life/ house. No siree bob.