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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

TMI Tuesday!

1. Are you done with your shopping yet?

No, not even close. And we're having Christmas with the in-laws on Saturday, so I need to shake off this damn bronchitis and get my ass in gear!

2. What is your favorite sexual position?

It's so difficult to pick just one! Me laid back and being orally serviced is particular favorite, but if I have to pick a favorite intercourse position, I would have to say either doggy-style, because it hits all the right places, if you know what I mean, or facing each other with my legs over his shoulders. You get nice deep penetration with that one plus the advantage of being able to look into one another's eyes and kiss occasionally.

3. On a scale of 1-10, how open are you to trying new sexual things?


4. What present are you hoping to get this year?

A Wii, but I know it won't happen. Amazing sex, but I don't think that will happen either. These would be nice too:

Edit: Forget the cuffs and tethers!! I want this:

Click picture to order and email me for my address to which to send it - or deliver it in person - LOL

5. With your current partner (or your last partner) how often was the sex better than just good?

Husband - quite often the first couple years.

Bonus (as in optional):Can a relationship that you are part of survive on sex alone? Could it survive a prolonged period of abstinence?

It depends on the relationship. A marriage - no, a marriage cannot last on sex alone. An extramarital relationship - sure, no problem.

My marriage has NOT survived a long period of abstinence, so NO (for me). But I know people who are deeply in love and happy and almost never have sex, so it IS possible, but not for me.

It's TMI Tuesday! Click the "I kiss and tell" icon to come play with us!!


Motor City Monk said... doggy style - so many options and my favorite view/angle.

David said...

We have a set of the Sportsheets under the bed restraints. They are decent for beginners. Santa has put a set of leather ankle and wrist cuffs under the tree this year. Happy TMI.

Renee said...

Thank you! Someone else who isn't finished with their shopping. I did a little yesterday. *sigh*

I hate picking one position too. Oh, the legs over his shoulders is so so good. Yep, nice penetration.


George said...

#2 is an awesome answer, #3 I agree with you, #4 love your second choice and I agree wholeheartedly with your bonus.

Great answers

Edtime Stories said...

interesting answers as maybe you can buy those cuffs for yourself?

Ron Burgundy said...

As always, excellent answers!

Happy Holidays - Ron

Sheen V said...

Mmm, I love her legs on my shoulders! Your legs would be finer than fine too!

Em said...

Nice answers. Suddenly it feels pretty warm in here!

Vixen said...

Im not sure I've met a female that preferred doggy style. Interesting. :)

Loved your answers. They are always fun to read.

here are some *~*~go away sickie vibes*~*~


Desmond Jones said...

Molly and I are big fans of any and all of the 'face-to-face' positions. When it's going good, it's like we're connected on both ends. . .

Polt said...

My, what gifts you want...that last one looks like a bit of fun...but not for me, for the guy I'm using it on. :)


Gina said...

Love the answers! And now I do not feel so bad knowing I have not gotten done with my shopping! lol Happy TMI!

Anonymous said...

Nice ideas... ;-)) I wouldn't be ok in a relationship that have not enough sex... but it is true that when the rest is also powerful, sex becomes only a part of it... ;-)

Babushka said...

Hello! Thanks for having stopped by to visit us! I was afraid that we had been gone so long, no one would come back!
Love the toys!

Big Kahuna said...

I too like the toys......Hope you get all your presents and someone to play with.

Sailor said...

mmm, could've answered all of these, for me-
shopping not done-
her legs over my shoulders-
10+++ open-
have cuffs, tethers- and the njoy :)
often better than good-

Just a thought, the njoy- it's great, go for that one, if you have to pick between!

exile said...

a wii or amazing sex?

um... if you wrap the wii-ote in a condom you might just get both!

Zoely said...

i'm not quite done with mine either. i do most of it in September but save a little bit for this last week, just for the adrenaline jolt of it all.
what i want for christmas: divorce papers. (chuckle)

The Bizza said...

Jesus Christ! That thing is almost 100 bucks!

How about I send you a slightly deformed cucumber for about 2 dollars?

Anonymous said...

Great answers. totally agree with #2

ArtfulSub said...

You've got a GIFT coming tomorrow. HiNT. HiNT.

Even though you didn't play Mute Monday this week! Bum!

Anonymous said...

I'm like you Bunny...

I "gots" to have my sex

Professor Fate said...

You are by far the most popular TMIer. Great answers. Happy TMI