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Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's Been a L-O-N-G Week

Wow, I've been a bad blogger and a bad blog visitor! Sorry!!

It's been a very long week. Spousehole had vacation up the wazoo to use up before the end of the year (vacation runs by calendar year in his company, although their fiscal year/benefit year runs July to June; go figure). Anyway, he took this whole week off, so I've been with him near constantly. OMG - I'm desperately looking forward to his return to work on Monday. Of course, he'll just be home again on Tuesday, but oh well.

The kids are majorly geeked up after all the hoopla of fake Christmas and real Christmas. They love all their gifts (the only clothes they got were pajamas with their favorite characters) and want to play with them CONSTANTLY. And we've watched Polar Express umpteen times. The Boy starts it over as soon as it hits the credits. He can do every line of dialogue. If we're not watching it, he's drawing pictures from it or acting it out with his toy trains. Unfortunately the hoopla doesn't really end for a while in our household. Both kids were born in January, so we've got birthdays to deal with for the next month too.

My kids and I are at my parents' house, that's why I'm able to be here online at all. Spousehole is at home cleaning. Theoretically. That was his excuse for sending us away. In actuality, he's probably playing computer games. He played Half Life for 8 hours straight yesterday. He also Bogarted my internet connection to do it. See, he took the network cable from between his computer and the router and stored it at work. The idea was that he would not be able to abuse his internet usage without having to go get the cable. It hasn't exactly worked that way, of course. Now when he wants to use the 'net, he just takes the cable that goes from the modem to the router and unplugs it from the router and into his computer. Therefore he has a direct connection to the modem and those of us connected to the router (wired or wireless) are screwed out of internet connection while he's connected. Asshole. Plus I can't spend much time online when I'm dealing with both kids alone and I am effectively alone when he spends that much time in the basement on his gaming machine (the kids aren't allowed in the basement because he does stained glass down there which involves sharp glass and lead cam).

Are y'all doing something fun for New Year's Eve? We're not, of course. Spousehole seems to abhor fun these days. If anyone wants to paint the town with me Monday night, give me a holla, 'k?


George said...

I would love to, unfortunately I promised my daughter that I would sit with the awesomest grandson I know.

In a few for days you'll be in 2008, the year that it all happens ... hurray for 2008.

Chelle said...

Oh I hear ya about having husband home! Mine has been off since the 20th and doesn't go back til Jan 2!! AHHH!! Been a little tense. Throw some relatives in there and It actually hasna't been AS bad as I thought it would be. He seems to be keeping himself busy in the basement with different things. SO that's good :) It sucks that you are getting screwed of internet time though. Ugh.

New Year's Eve for us...we will go to friends' house. Just hang with some other couples and play games and eat, drink and shoot the shit. It wil be ok....I guess. NYE is also my birthday...soooooo......Not that we do anything fun for that anymore. Having a BD on that day just gets lost in the shuffle. *sigh* lol May I have some cheese with this wine please?? LOL

Edtime Stories said...

I will be out on New Year's there is a seat at the bar if you want it.

Scintillio said...

Yep. Can't totally relate. Want someone to get away from it all with and how! LOL

Hope you can find some fun there on NYE!


Rae said...

I kept saying to myself "I want to see Polar Express!" for the first sentence of watching it over and over, and then I decided maybe I didn't because the prospect of watching any movie that many times frightens me.

We got my brother, his wife, his 10-year-old stepdaughter and baby son a Wii for Christmas (don't ask me how), so it was sort of like introducing crack into the house. The girl wanted to play constantly, and if she wasn't my brother was. I was so glad to leave that house, the Wii was fun, but man oh man did I think I was going to go cross-eyed.

Violetta said...

Happy New Year!

With or withouit husband...

Em said...

Glad the kids are having fun...but sorry you don't seem to be having the same amount of glee. And all that crap hubby is pulling with the internet connection just sucks...for everyone but him.

We generally stay home on New Year's Eve just to avoid the crowds. But you are welcome to come by and eat and drink as much as you like!

Sue said...

We are doing nothing for NYE. We never do. No. Wait, I can't say never. We did spend one NYE at a concert our second year together. But only because I bought tix to some Y2K concert at the Silverdome for him for Christmas.

Other than that, he's been laid off since the week before Thanksgiving. And although he's done some work on the projects in the house, it sure isn't much for someone who is home 24/7. I think after he goes back to work, whenever that ends up being, I'm going to take a week off to do nothing in my own house. LOL!

Happy New Year, Bunny!

Lady in red said...

I am sure that things will improve for you before too long. I can remember thinking that the hell of livng in the same house with SF was going to last forever but eventually the end of April did arrive and looking back it doesn't seem so bad now as it did when I was living it. Now 20 months on life ist ot great but we are getting there and the kids are happy with no stress in the air.

I am thinking of you and I know that you have the strength within you to get through this.

Don't worry about being forty. I used to read that women reach their prime in their forties....never believed it myself but it is true. But the saying life begins at 40 is not true...its 42!! so you have time to preare for the best yrs of your life :-)