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Friday, November 30, 2007

The REAL 24 Season 7 preview

Okay, here's the real season 7 preview of 24:

I'm totally geeked to see Jack go off on Red Forman and WTF is up with Tony? Soul Patch can't go bad - say it ain't so!! Is he still pissed about Bitchelle dying? Though you may remember that Tony did NOT get the silent clock when he "died" and M.Giant totally predicted his resurrection in Season 7. Maybe Bitchelle survived too - we never actually saw her dead body and she didn't get a silent clock either, I don't think. Well, we can at least thank God and all the saints in heaven that Chloe is back - I was worried she'd disappear into mommying. Maybe Morris is a stay-at-home-dad. I can so see him wearing their spawn in a Baby Bjorn carrier and hauling a diaper bag around - lol! I'm still wondering if Charles Logan is dead - they never addressed it! Did crazy Martha kill him or did the EMT save his sorry ass? Inquiring minds want to know! Are Martha and Aaron still together living at the crazy-shack bungalow? Will this be the season that they finally put Spawn (Kim) out of our misery?

See the spoof again here.


Loving Annie said...

Have to admit I've nevr seen it, Bunny ! Happy Friday to you, anyway !

BBC said...

Nice blog hon. Yes, the spiritual connection with sex interests me very much also.

Since getting on my spiritual journey I sure haven't found a woman I can make that connection with. That can look into my eyes during that act.

Um, never mind, that isn't your problem. Happy paths.

Dates Bubbas said...

My coworker hooked me on this show about 4 years ago. According to him ( and he reads ALL of the sources), Bitchelle is definitely dead. They won't be bringing her back. Where we're going to get screwed this season is between the writer's strike and our buddy Kieffer getting his DWI. Ass. I haven't seen the blogs lately, but I'm hedging that Morris and Chloe split up even after the baby thing. Heck, after all the stress in the last episode, she might have miscarried. Who knows? I doubt we'll hear from Kim either this time around. It looks like we're still getting our public enemies lined up. It'll be interesting to see with CTU gone - how this all plays out. Thank God for DVR!!!