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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tuesday Twosome - When It is Hot Outside

Tuesday Twosome - Today's theme is "When it is hot outside"
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  1. Two refreshing drinks: Mojitos and Diet Coke
  2. Two places that are always cool (home, mall, work, etc.): the local indoor park for kids (inflatables, ball pits, etc.) and my mom's house (AC and a pool and a special fridge just for cold soda- can't beat that!)
  3. Two ways you keep cool: Going braless and drinking Diet Coke
  4. Two items of clothing/shoes that are a must (tank tops, shorts, etc.): My NAOT sandals (two pair) and shorts
  5. Two places you’d go on vacation to get away from the heat: Nova Scotia (I've never been, but it's sounds like Heaven) and Michigan's Upper Peninsula (more gorgeous than you could ever believe)
TMI Tuesday questions aren't up (TPT can't access Blogger from work and it's her week), so I'm trying something different. It's that or original thought and we wouldn't want that now, would we?


The "Mind" said...

Well, the U.P. isn't an escape from the heat this week. Boy, it's hot up here. Our local bank sign said 102, but that one always runs a bit hot. Even if it was 10 degrees hot, 92 is still smokin' for being next to the lake with the breeze blowing off it.

Chelle said...

I grew up in New Brunswick, which is right next door to Nova Scotia....yet I've never been to NS> Go figure! ANyway....NB is beautiful...I am sure NS is moreso! ANd I U.P is beautiful!!

Dates Bubbas said...

UP is nice, but I found the drivers there more aggressive than in LA. A dip in Superior would certainly cool you down, though. Yes, I've been in, and yes, I put my head under - I'm a proud polar bear!!