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Friday, July 13, 2007

DO NOT Take the Whole Fam' to Costco

Whatever you do, dear people, do not take the whole family with you to Costco. Especially if you have a wallet full o' cash. It will not turn out well. You go in for 2 freakin' things, you come out with: 3 huge boxes of cereal, a case of 200 Fla*Vor*Ice Plus, a ginormous package of ham, a slightly less ginormous package of hard salami, two pounds of swiss cheese, a monster box of Bisquick, three half-gallons of vanilla soy milk, a huge container of liquid Tide (which you later figure out is cheaper at Target, damn it!), new phones for the whole house (4 handsets!), some weird shelf-stable vegetarian Indian food, a 25 lb. bag of rice, and more. Holy Mary Mother of God!!

Just don't do it!


sm said...

LOL! It can be dangerous! There are lots of stores that tempt us! Our secret is to treat it like a casino. Bring only a certain amount of $$ and leave the ATM card at home.

Bob said...

Costco: Buying more than you need to save money. And then there's the all of the samples to sample with people and their kids blocking passage through the aisles in the name of free food. Those who come to "graze" regardless of how much aisle space they take up creates a problem. I wonder - is Costco about shopping or about grazing?

Anonymous said...

But... swiss cheese is so good. :)