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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wet Wednesday

Wet Wednesday - play along!

1. I (Lola) was looking at the responses to a question on, where 90% of women had never had a one-night stand. Have you ever had a one-night stand? Did you see that person again?

My first time was a one-night-stand. I saw him around school, but never spoke to him again.

Then there was guy I slept with on a dare. That was one time, though he wanted a repeat performance. I had gotten him out of my system with the one time, so there was no repeat. We talked often over the next three years, if only because we had several classes together every semester.

There were some others, usually friends that I slept with and then regretted because I didn't want to lose the friendship. We talked plenty afterwards, because I chose the friendship over the sexual relationship.

2. What is the strangest or most non-traditional place you've had sex?

Golf course, swimming pool after dark, Lake Michigan with people all around, nothing terribly interesting.

3. is there something non-traditional (spanking, bukkake, bondage, midget porn, foot fetish, etc.) that turns you on? what is it, and have you had anyone freak out on you due to the fact that it turned you on?

I used to be really into restraints, but no one has ever freaked on me because of it. I'm the one who sometimes freaks now. I have to really trust a person to go there now.

I was in a relationship that was based on D/s and denial and it really turned me on in that relationship, but it's not something that I've sought out since.

Now where I have had someone freak on me was on the issue of being watched. I told someone that I really got off on being watched and asked if he would be ok with it and he totally freaked. Said no way, no how. I never told him that we had already been watched several times (I would never be so dishonest now). The being watched thing doesn't really work for me anymore. Guess I'm getting old and boring.

Then there is my bizarro marriage, where my husband thinks of oral (giving or receiving) as non-traditional and freaks out a little when I bring it up. Sigh.


Jim said...

Hmmm . . . I'm married to a female version of your husband then, lol.


George said...

Times change ... the outlook from even 20 years ago is that nice girls don't suck cock and guys don't go down. In my opinion oral on both sides of the coin is absolutely normal and if I was with a woman who didn't (either give or receive) ... I would consider her to be abnormal in that sense.

I believe anal is where oral was at that time .... more and more are trying and enjoying it. Maybe 20 years from now that too will be a part of a normal sex life

jsul28fl@yaho said...

I kind of agree with George

and I gota say I'm sorry about hubby
i could live without ever getting blown again but I'd refuse to live without being able to give a lil tongue, no alotta tongue.

I believe George is a tad to late on his prediction though
I think anal is fairly mainstream and girl/girl is the new threshold.

crse said...

interesting. I think i need a bumper sticker saying "anal is the new oral".

Loving Annie said...

I've been a one-night stand before.
Refuse to let it happen now because I take things so slow....

Had sex at a firestation (3 times)

Love being spanked gently during sex.
The idea of mildbondage intrigues me, as does being watched.
Terrified to bring it up, ergo, don't give anyone the chance to freak out...

So I write about it on my erotica blog... :)

D said...

I've had the one stand - we've been married 19 years as of last tuesday.

I'm a little amazed that we have been into spanking lately. Something new for that we both like a lot.