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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Less Angst Today, Thank You

Feeling much better today. Worried as heck about my friend mentioned in the previous post, as he is taking a huge step in his life today - it's a necessary step, but still extremely difficult. But enough about him - this is all about me, right? And I am feeling better.

I was able to see PiC yesterday. His family was gone to the local(ish) amusement park (about an hour away). However, just when he picked me up (I usually park at a megastore and he picks me up so his neighbors don't see a strange vehicle at his house) it began raining. We didn't know if it was raining at the park, but it was likely so his family might bail out and come home at any time. As a result, he felt this was our riskiest encounter yet. I disagree. I think having sex in his basement rec room with his two youngest children sleeping on the second floor was much riskier, as exemplified by the 9 year old's question the next day "Who were you kissing goodbye last night Daddy?" (PiC is as accomplished a liar as me, apparently, replying by asking the boy if maybe he was dreaming about saying goodbye to his Mommy earlier that day and the boy answered "Yeah, that was it." Whew.)

I don't know if he read the blog before we got together or what, but I got almost exactly what I wrote I wanted. Except we added some really hot "cowgirl" action that I hadn't included but definitely enjoyed. :) Damn. You have no idea how much I needed that. What's great is that we had a fabulous time, we cleaned up quick and got out of there before his wife and kids came home, he dropped me at my car, and we're good. If we don't talk to/hear from one another for a while, it's totally cool. We don't really miss each other, we're not moping around each wondering what the other is doing -- we just go on with our lives. There really is not an emotional connection beyond friendship. So much easier than the alternative.

And we probably won't be together for a while. School starts again soon and our lives return to normal schedules (i.e., not summer where we both have more free time). We'll see.


Loving Annie said...

Good Saturday evening to you, Bunny !

I admit to rude and vulgar curioisity wondering how his day went - how it is all going to turn out.

PiC and cowgirl at his house ! Ah how titillatingly naughty and risky ! Hope he made you come HARD !

Here's to a busy week or two ahead, what with school starting and all, and when you get to see each-other agin, a lovely time :)

Loving Annie

Vixen said...

I love how naughty you are. :)

But even more so, I admire that you can have the relationship you do w/ PiC w/o the emtions. I have tried it and both of us failed miserably.

terry said...

i think a lot of people have trouble with keeping the strong emotional connection out of sex. it will be interesting to see if you two are able to keep things as they are, since that seems to work for you both.

sm said...

Sounds hot, but what happens when you DO get caught?