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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Weekend

I know most of y'all aren't around on the weekends much and I won't be either this weekend ~ we're going camping! We go every August with a group from church. It's supposed to rain on Saturday and Sunday, so I don't know how many good pictures I'll get. Hopefully we'll get some good "frolicking in Lake Michigan" shots in on Friday night or Saturday morning before the rain comes. We'll see. Otherwise you'll be treated to "huddling in tent with family" pictures and I can promise those won't be pretty.

"We" this weekend includes my 7-year-old nephew, Bam Bam. So we'll have him, our 6-year-old (Boy), and our 2-year-old (Girl), plus Spousehole and me. My sister was supposed to come also, but is bailing out in order to enjoy some quiet time at home (she's a single mom). All of us in one tent. I'd rather drive a railroad spike into my head than deal with this crew sometimes, so pray for me. Pray for me to survive and to not kill anyone. It's church camp, so I can't even drink. Not supposed to swear either. Or run through the camp naked. Sheez. Girl Scout camp was way more fun than this :) Just kidding. We usually have a great time. And I haven't killed anyone yet (that can be proven, at least).

Since it's private land with no hunting, we usually see lots of critters. Fox, deer, raccoon - if it lives in the woods of west lower Michigan, we've seen it up there. Except bear. We've seen the aftermath of a bear visit, but haven't seen an actual bear. Hopefully I'll have my camera ready when the wildlife make their appearances this year.

Wish me luck.


G-Man said...

Mackinaw City?
Elk Rapids?

Bunny said...

Pentwater, baby! Just south of Pentwater, actually, between Pentwater and Hart. Right on Lake Michigan - it's positively gorgeous! Hopefully I'll have pix next week.

G-Man said...

I love Pentwater, they have an awesome pier there, and you can fish for salmon from it...
You don't even need a boat.
Have fun...You deserve it!
Galen xox

Vixen said...

Oh. Ok... You uttered the deal breaker for me.

Camping.....and no drinking????


So, wow hon, GOOD LUCK with that. (((You))) Hopefully it won't be as bad as you are anticipating.

SM said...

Hopefully you'll have a good time! I know if I went camping, drinking, swearing, and naked time would definitely be a pre-requisite.

crse said...

Man Im not even willing to camp when there is drinking! (of course im willing to drink at the fire and make my husband cart my sorry drunk ass back to the local hotel) I really hope its much better than it sounds buddy! (i mean that in a totally good way)

Kittie Kate said...

good luck