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Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm Missing the Pop Evil CD Release Party!!!

Life bites sometimes.

A local club has been having stuff all day to celebrate the release of the new Pop Evil CD. I love, love, love Pop Evil. 100 in a 55, Hero, Somebody Like You - just great tunes.

I never got tickets to the main party tonight, but they were having a special pre-party this afternoon for kids. Adults could only get in with a child. I was totally going to that. They were going to sing some of their songs, but in a family-friendly manner (yeah, good luck with that guys). I had the kids in the car, took them to lunch, and we were heading to the Intersection. Then Boy barfed in the car. Aacckk!! First of all, I don't handle vomit well at all. You would think after two children I would be used to it. You would be wrong. Second, I can't exactly take a barfing child to a rock show, even one aimed at kids. Bah.

So I didn't get to see them and get the new CD.

Here's Pop Evil singing my favorite of their songs, 100 in a 55, at the Intersection last month.

Here's their video for "Somebody Like You"


Anonymous said...

We seem to live in the same city in Michigan ... stumbled across your blog while bloghopping and am completely drawn to you. I've just spent an hour reading past posts. You seem really great. Yes, part of me is hitting on you, but mostly I just wanted to say hello and good luck with everything. If you're ever looking for someone new to have a cup of coffee with, I'm a married, working dad of two who lives within a half-mile of the Intersection who's interested. I'm also a chickenshit about posting my contact info on here, especially since you'll probably dismiss me as some creepy stalker dude (which maybe I am, except I'm not creepy in real life). So I'm not really making it easy for you to say yes to the cup of coffee, am I? If you're at all interested in knowing more about me, reply to this comment, and I'll get bold enough to get you an e-mail address. Have a lovely day!

Bunny said...

Hey Anonymous, email me and lets talk. Click on "View My Complete Profile" on the right side of my blog for my email address!

Anonymous said...

You out there? I've e-mailed a few times now ... just wondering/hoping.

Dylan said...

anyone want to see pop evil tonight in chicago? hit me up if you’re interested. all you gotta do is help promote the show. you can meet the band if you work extra hard. hit me up at for more info.