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Friday, March 7, 2008

Broken Hearts

My heart is breaking today. I'm actually crying as I type this.

The crazy part: it doesn't involve me. It's not my business, it's not my romance that ended.

A blogger couple that I have watched from afar, following on their blogs, rooting for them to succeed, has called it quits.

I feel silly being so upset about it. Kind of like when my mom cries because some soap opera couple broke up. But these two people aren't characters on a soap opera. They are real people. I may not have ever met them, but I really loved their love story. So as their hearts break, mine aches right along with them.

I'm so sorry, Hella and Exile. May you both find peace and comfort in this difficult time.


Rebound Sex Rocks said...

I was going to enquire as to her looks and compatibility with trolls but decided that would be in poor taste.

Vixen said...

I had no idea. :( That makes me really very sad too.

*hugs to them*

Jean said...

Real is what you make it. I'm sick, have no social life on a physical level, I never get out anywhere.

You are more real to me than most of my fleshy friends. I read your blog to my hubby too and he feels for you even.

I am sorry for their pain and I'm doubly sorry that you're hurting too...

exile said...

thank you so much

i know that a lot of pople were rooting for us, but i had no idea our situaiton has such an effect

thank you so much for cheering us on.