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Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Monday Musings

Easter Sunday was a good day. Church was beautiful, as always. I love Easter Sunday services. I'm way too lazy for a sunrise service and it's too cold here for outdoor services, so we went to our usual 11:00 a.m. service, getting there about 10:00 a.m. for fellowship and breakfast between the services. Saw a lot of people we don't see too often (either they moved away and are back for a visit or they just don't come terribly often). The kids loved it. Girl loves dressing up, so Easter is her day. She did not want to wear a sweater over her beautiful dress, but Mommy insisted. It was cold out there! She's lucky I didn't make her wear snow boots.

Spousehole leaves Thursday for an interview in Charleston, S.C. He'll be back on Sunday. He has already had a conference call interview, but now the entity is flying him down there for in-person interviews, tours of the facility, etc.

He's pretty geeked. Me, not so much. First there's the immediate annoyance of being left alone with the kids for several days. We'll be fine, we always are, but it's just annoying. It wouldn't bother me as much if there were parity, that is, if I got to go away for a few days without the family too. But my job does not come with vacation days or "personal time" or require solo travel. A mom's job never ends.

Second, there's the whole possibility of him actually taking a job in South Carolina. He talks as though he expects the kids and I would go with him. I don't know about that. On the one hand, perhaps it could be the "new start" he keeps talking about. On the other hand, I highly suspect nothing would change except that I would be 1,000 miles away from my family and friends - though, let's face it: most of my friendships right now are pretty superficial. I'd still have all y'all here in the blogosphere though, right? Plus Charleston is damn hot and humid in the summer. Spousehole has only ever lived in Michigan and in England. He has no idea what a southern U.S. summer can be like. I'm not so good with heat and humidity. My Dad was trying to talk to Spousehole about that this weekend, about the "culture shock" he and my mom experienced when we first moved to North Carolina from Iowa. It was similar when we moved to Michigan and my poor little sister had only known life in N.C. She was pretty taken aback. We arrived in Michigan on September 6, 1975 (my 8th birthday) and had on our winter coats from N.C. It was 40 degrees. Those coats were worthless. Just as my collection of gorgeous sweaters will be if we move south.

But, let's not put the cart before the horse. It's just an interview. They may meet Spousehole and find him as annoying as I do and not even make an offer. At least they will have treated him to a lovely trip to Charleston in the springtime.

* * * * *

Help me figure something out -

Why is it when I hear this song, Drama Queen, by Switches:

My brain immediately thinks of Don't Bring Me Down, by ELO?


Amorous Rocker said...

I haven't been to NC or SC since I was 15. I enjoyed my week in each state then. Such fun was had, lol. Of course it was my first trip without my parents that lasted longer than a weekend so of course I loved it, lol. Not to mention to beautiful scenery.

I hope this works out for the best though; whatever that may be.

Glad you enjoyed your Easter too. Have a great day. =)

Trueself said...

Personally I would prefer SC over Michigan any day, but that's just me and my always-too-cold constitution talking.

There are some musical phrases that are similar in the two. I still like the ELO song better though. Guess I'm just a child of my time.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Boxer said...

We moved a lot growing up - it's hard on kids and parents. But I also know that sometimes it isn't an option and that would bother me the most.

I hope your Easter was lovely.

Anonymous said...

If I could pick up me and the family and move to either of the Carolina's, I would.

As for the song, it has the same rhythm. I hadn't heard it before, but I definitely could hear the ELO in that song.

The Troll said...

1) White Charlestonians put a high value on manners. So, I anticipate the spousehole having problems unless he's polite in a work atmosphere.

2) Charleston has sweater or light-jacket weather 8 months per year if you're on the water. It ain't that warm there.

D said...

hey, there are places worse than sc. but something you said made me think. you mentioned "this could be the new start". it could still be a new start. a start of life without spousehole. let him go to sc, you stay in michigan with the kids.

btw, jason dittle must have told a lot of people about that little money thing. i've seen his postings all over the place. he commented on one of my postings too. sad thing was that he was the only one that commented on it. sad state of things when the only commentor you can get is a spammer. :0

Vixen said...

Hmm....keep us posted on the job interview....

And happy belated Easter :)