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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holy Saturday Batman!

(I know, I'm going to Hell. Don't lecture me.)

WTF happened to spring?!? We got 6" of snow yesterday. Where my parents live, along Lake Michigan, they got a FOOT of snow yesterday. Allegedly the first full day of spring. Easter weekend.

This is just WRONG.

I may have to make my daughter wear jeans under her fancy spring Easter dress tomorrow. She will definitely have to wear boots. No cute little patent leather Mary Janes in this weather. When we went to Good Friday services last night, Spousehole was outside shoveling right up until the service began. A couple other guys were shoveling and one had a snow-blower. Our plowing company didn't show up because they didn't realize that a church would have a service on Good Friday. You'd think they would've asked. You would also think that someone from the church would have called them to confirm that the parking lots would be plowed before Good Friday services. But apparently since the church offices were closed all day, no one thought to call the plowing company. What. A. Mess. Fortunately only about 65 people came to the service (a usual Sunday service draws about 600).


kindof_agirl said...

I shall not complain, then, that today the weather has been this odd mix of "will it or won't it" rain/snow in between bouts of the sun coming out. I assume it's the sun. We've not seen it in forever. All I know is it was dang cold standing at the park this morning for the Easter egg hunt!

Naughty Girl said...

Move south...we're enjoying 80 degree weather and sunshine!

As I read somewhere else...just go outside and tell Winter to go the fuck away! :) (I totally stole that from Married Sex. I don't want them to get me for word stealin'!)

Lady in red said...

lol my son thought I was mad for going for a veryblustery walk along the beach yesterday as it was snowing in the city just a few mile away

Motor City Monk said...

This has got to be the last of the major snow, right?

Bring on the flower buds and green grass or else!

Desmond Jones said...

Well, if you're going to Hell for that (irreverently witty) title, then I'm in deeeep trouble. . .