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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Memes

Unconscious Mutterings, the Free Association meme

I say _________ and you think _________

  1. Toasty :: Warm
  2. Allegations :: False

  3. Herb :: Spice

  4. Bacon :: Grease

  5. Neck to neck :: Giraffes

  6. Simon :: Schuster

  7. Heels :: Pain

  8. Fundamentals :: Basics

  9. Middle :: Child

  10. Seasonings :: Flavors

Play along! Unconscious Mutterings

BTW Sunday

~I'm Late, I'm Late~

By the way...

Are you generally early or late?
Early more often than late, because I'm kind of anal that way. But I am late on rare occasions, though I try to let people know what my ETA is and why I am delayed.

Are you concerned with being on time?
Yes, very much so. I hate being late.

If you are chronically late, do you believe it's the result of poor planning or choosing to be late?
I think when people are late they generally have planned poorly. That is the case if I am late. I never choose to be late. I don't even know why someone would do that, except for attention.

When others are late, does it bother you?
Very much. My daughter's Godmother and Godfather (my husband's siblings) are late for everything, including their Goddaughter's baptism. They showed up shortly after the baptism was completed. I was extremely annoyed, to say the least. Most of my husband's relatives are late for everything. Drives me insane.

Do you have any tips for being on time?
Plan ahead. If you are chronically underestimating how much time you have, set all your clocks and watches ahead 5 minutes to help you. And if you are going to be late, call or text me and let me know!!!!


sandy shoes said...

I had a boss once who was late to everything deliberately, to give himself the air of being just a little bit too important for the occasion.

Not only was he enough of an asshole to do this, he was enough of an asshole to be proud of it and think that it worked.

George said...

Toasty :: Warm

Allegations :: accusations

Herb :: Peaches

Bacon :: makin

Neck to neck :: toe to toe

Simon :: Paul

Heels :: stilettos

Fundamentals :: Basics

Middle :: pudgy

Seasonings :: spicy



I am very seldom late so I would never be chronically late

Sometimes, depends on the event

Plan ahead