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Friday, November 2, 2007

Call the Pope! It's a Miracle!

I am having a good day.

That is a miracle for sure, if only a minor one.

Boy got on the bus today with no fight at all. None, zero, zip, nada, zilch. We are using Social Stories™ to help him cope and understand. Why that is necessary after years of riding the bus with no problem, I do not know. But he's riding the bus and doing well at school, so I am happy.
Edit: He rode the bus home with no problem too! He's enjoying drawing the bus and telling stories about the bus, so the Social Story thing may be working!

The Girl was relatively well-behaved while grocery shopping. She only opened a couple packages and did not have any major fits. That's a good day for us.

Spousehole invited me to lunch. I had to pay, but that's okay. I was the only one with any cash. He was pleasant and less critical than usual. (Don't even get me started on the crap he was shoveling on me last night . . . )

and best of all:

MY MUSIC WAS RECOVERED!! Nothing from the last two weeks was on the backup, but everything else was. Yippee!!! I'm home alone now and have music blaring from my computer speakers once again!! BTW ~ thank you to The Silent Male for his post on the Inappropriate Music issue!

I suppose I better clean some stuff now, since that was my excuse for sending Girl off with Spousehole - that I wanted some time to clean the pigsty that passes for our home. But at least I have tunes . . .


SoCal Sal said...

Woo hoo! Rock the house!

Have a great weekend!

Gracie said...

I'm glad you had a good day :)

...just one question tho; when I speak to the pope, what do I call him? I've called him/them many names over the years :p

gretty said...

Glad you got tunes! And yeah for getting on the bus again!

George said...

Sounds like it was not just a good day but a great one. Tunes, buses, quiet groceries and a decent spousehole (I'll bet he wanted a free lunch)

Rae said...

Hope the day continued to be good! Have a great weekend!

Vixen said...

Tht sounds like a good day!!!

BUT the very best of all is you recovering your music!

TG, no?

Have a great wkend Bunny :) xo

Anonymous said...

Hey, glad to hear you recovered your music. If you ever need any more suggestions for inappropriate music, I have more.

Sue said...

Yay all the way around, but I'm pretty damn sure the Pope wouldn't take my phone call. LOL!

Hopefully there wasn't too much you were missing from the last two weeks in the tuneage department.

Glad you've found a working solution to the boy's bus issues.