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Thursday, November 8, 2007


This is from the same set as last week's Halloween picture. Enjoy.

Why do we get half-nekkid? Want to join the fun? See Os at HNT_1


I did a lot of driving on my getaway, so I had a lot of time to think. Automotive solitude is a good thing, sometimes. Some of my thoughts:

*The radio stations in the midwest could use a little more variety. I just kept hitting "seek" on the radio to see what I could find. It tended to go like this: Christian talk; Christian music; classic rock (playing Pink Floyd); old school country; more old school country; classic rock (finishing a Led Zep song, then starting some Pink Floyd); new country (playing Rascal Flatts); classic rock (finishing a Pink Floyd song, then playing another, because it's TWO FOR TUESDAY) . . . repeat. I once counted 6 Pink Floyd songs in one hour on 5 different stations. No joke. The closer you are to an urban area, the better the variety. But I was mostly not near urban areas and the choices were few.

*Yahoo maps SUCK. Never believe those people. Use ANY OTHER map service. Seriously.

*My cat Max and I are a lot alike. He is an Abyssinian. They are smart and intensely curious. Sometimes the curiosity overwhelms the intelligence. That is, you can see him thinking "I have to check this out . . . I know that no good will come of it . . . but I must know . . . " and he ends up crashing down through 3 feet of bushes because he wanted to find out what that thing on top of the bushes was. I think I am like that too sometimes. The curiosity overwhelms my better judgment.

*I need to try to be a better wife. I know Spousehole is an asshole, but perhaps if I try harder to do the things he wants (keep the house cleaner, for instance) things will be better. I have been trying, but I'm going to try harder. If that doesn't help things, I think I'll be done trying.

*It's funny how life doesn't turn out as anyone expects. I saw on old friend from college on Wednesday. I hadn't seen her in person in YEARS. We both have gained some weight, but the big changes were in how we saw ourselves 20 years ago and where we are today. She's basically living the life more people saw me living and I'm living the life people thought was destined for her. We got caught up, discussed the mystery of a friend who we hear from every 5 years or so and is never in the same place or doing the same thing twice, had some coffee, and it was good.

*I must not drink coffee anymore. OMG, the caffeine makes me shake and the acid bothers my stomach. I need to stick to caffeine-free diet Coke, except first thing in the morning (regular Diet Coke then). Tea when I want something hot. I was seriously shaky from caffeine when I reached my destination the other night. Alcohol to balance it was my next mistake. And that's all you are going to hear about that.

*I must sleep more.

*I must eat regular meals and take my insulin properly. Too many lows lately because I don't eat right. A few highs because I didn't take my insulin when I should have. I must do better. My life and those of my children depend on it. Thing is, my A1Cs have still been great, so my endocrinologist doesn't see the problem on paper. I need to have him download my meter stats and go over them with me so he's can see how I've been messing myself up.

*"Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne just never gets old for me. I still smile big when I run across it on the radio. See the video here.

Have a great Thursday everyone!!


ArtfulSub said...

Sweet HNT pic. Radio stations suck everywhere, though.

Trueself said...

After my drive last weekend I so agree with you on the radio stations. I was lucky enough though to latch onto an NPR station on Sunday that allowed me to listen to Prairie Home Companion, This American Life, and Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me. Absent that I would've been forced to my CD collection.

ATLLG said...

Awesome shot.... now...if I could just run my hands over THOSE legs..mmmmmmmmmmmmm...


Hank said...

may i join you in that bed?
very sexy pick

sometimes a long drive by yourself helps you focus.

D said...

O.M.G. stockings. i think my blog crush could be escalating.

Zoely said...

i'm the same way when i drive, and i drive a lot, so i tend to overthink. i get tired of myself. "Spousehole," love that. and uhm, i've tried the trying-to-be-better and i don't think it works. But good luck with that.
HHNT...great legs!!

Ron Burgundy said...

First off - fantastic picture.

Secondly, I'm glad your getaway provided you the mental relief you were looking for. I agree 100% about the solitude you get in the car by yourself is unlike anything else. It is a great time to clear the brain (while paying attention to the road =)

Sometimes if I'm having a lousy day at work, I'll just skip lunch and go for a drive around the area. I usually feel better after.


Blissfully Wed said...

Good luck with everything.

I am transfixed by your sexy legs.

SoCal Sal said...

Sheer on a woman … Priceless. Nice legs sweetie.


Rae said...

Great pic! I just love thigh high stockings...don't you?

Driving is great thinking time...although sometimes I think too much while I'm driving and suddenly look up and go, "How did I get here?" ;-)

not2shy said...

Sexy legs!

I generally listen to BBC speech radio, and for music to internet stations that play music that you can't get on broadcast radio anywhere.

tom said...

Hi Bunny love the pic great legs and I also love thigh high stockings. I am new to your site and I love it. Sometimes we just have to get away. I have relatives
in Grand Haven and St Joe,Mi where about in Mich do you live?? No I am not a stalker.

Lapis Ruber said...

That is a very good picture - showing a little but promising a lot. Very erotic. Happy HNT.

Keyser Soze said...

I find that all curiouser and curiouser. Good luck with your struggles. Yahoo maps and radio suck. HOT picture! HHNT!

Sue said...

First of all, that is a seriously HOT HNT pic.

Second, do you know how hard I laughed at your description of the radio stations? I'm just dying. Oh, and do you know the slogan..."Better listen to your MOM"? LOL!

Make sure to take care of yourself. Honestly, it will do you so much good. I really have felt a hundred times better since I started taking better care of myself.

Finally, I'm not sure you need to try harder to be a better wife and do the things that he wants you to do. Or the things he thinks he wants you to do. I think you need to try harder to be yourself again. He fell in love with a strong, sweet person who had her own personality.

We are changed by those we come into contact with as we travel through life. Some changes are not always positive. Especially when it comes to love. We listen to music we don't like, we watch sports/movies we can't stand and we tend to put up with way more flak than we ever thought we would.

See, you know I'm struggling with my own relationship and I've got to say the best thing I have done is put my foot down and find my damn backbone again. It isn't that I have to be mean, but I most certainly do not have to just roll my eyes and walk away because it is easier or avoids the argument or it just isn't worth saying anything.

If it makes me feel like rolling my eyes, making fun of him, makes the kids scatter, or just gives me that feeling of WTF do I put up with this's worth saying something.

Anonymous said...

Hi bunny! I love a long drive; I once drove from Wyoming to Boston by myself in one shot without a radio. And, I think one of th best part of Connecticut is the radio. Yeah, we have plenty of the usual crap, but since there are so many people crammed into this area there is enough money for some folks to do new things. We have non-profit stations that play classical music and nothing else, no commercials or anything.; there is a completely automated rock station with no DJ's at all and far fewer commercials since they don't have to pay DJ's; and there is a college station(well three in all) that is amazing to listen to - they will play Billy Holiday, then Anthrax, then Garth Brooks, then George Gershwin, then Aerosmith, and so on... and when they do play a popular band they never play one of their popular songs. Not to mention that they play local bands too.

And, as far as dealing with homelife, I think of the addage "treat your neighbors as you would be treated." Because it also means that we should be the friend we want our friends to be, be the adults we want our children to become, be the lover we want our spouse to be, be the listener we want them to be, be the communicator we want them to be as well. And, if they aren't these things already, we have to understand that it won't happen overnight... that is whee the faith come in. No?

Or, I could be full of crap.... C;P Have fun.

TK Kerouac said...

Sexy Sexy Sexy

I must, I must, I must....women drive themselves crazy with this I Must list.

I guess we must always strive to do a little better...
And our better should be appreciated....Or else!

wisdomstuff said...

Glad to hear you had time to think. I'm sure you probably had a few other thoughts you didn't put out there. Hopefully the small amount of time away was somewhat helpful to you. Great pic, too.

George said...

Great legs sweetie.

I am sure you are not the person you were when you married. None of us are. Why should you have to change to meet HIS demands? Why doesn't he do some changing on his own. Is your marriage a partnership or dictatorship?

Watch the insulin ... I am always adjusting mine from day to day ... then I get tired of it all and don't adjust anything ... sugars go from very low to quite high .. oh well

sandy shoes said...

Welcome home! Sounds like a restorative trip, yahoo maps notwithstanding.

An unsolicited suggestion: "Try harder" for a finite length of time, say, six months, then reassess. That way you won't feel in limbo about it indefinitely, and you'll be on solid mental ground if you decide you're done trying. If things fall apart, you should not be wondering if there was anything else you could've cleaned, or whatever, to prevent it.

I'm rooting for ya.

Vixen said...

OH Bunny.....I looooooooove that photo. It's so classy and sexy.

I would love to use it in my Friday Fav's tomorrow. LMK ok? :)

I'm glad the time away gave you some good time to think. It sounds like you have some good thoughts on what you would like to do to make you happier.

and happyHNT!

Shibari said...

oh so sexay... LOVE IT

Naughty K said...

Great Picture... Great stockings ... Great leggs. Good luck on the giving up coffee, I couldn't do it.
Happy HNT!

SignGurl said...

Very hot picture! Love the stockings!

Happy Half Nekkid Thursday!

searabbit said...

Very good photo, bunny... I'm so sorry you feel that you should try harder... and why not he should try harder...??? Oh, well... what do I know?
Anyway, glad you had at least some time on your own to relax and think f you a bit...;-)

Valyna said...

LOVE the pic :) Truly stunning!!

Ya know, I don't know why I haven't added you to my Tender and Juicy section yet... but I'm going to rectify that right now ;)

I recently got a phone call from a girlfriend of mine I haven't spoke to in years too. We had a falling out years ago and out of the blue she called me wanting to catch up. I sent her an email but haven't called her back yet. I plan on doing that this weekend though :)

Happy HNT!! Such a beautiful photo, darlin!


rob said...

These days I prefer the tea buzz, more subtle and it doesn't cause the jitters. HHNT

G-Man said...

All you did was drive and muse?
Thats OK, just wondering!

bdenied said...

has anyone told you that your have great legs? Now lets see, will there be room for you, Hank and me.....then there is the problem of "spousehole." maybe he can clean the house while we take care of those sexy legs.....great post...

Slick said...

Glad the solitary drive did you good Bunny!

Radio stations? I've forgotten what those were since I got my XM radio. Check one out for yourself!

Nice HNT pic :)

Em said...

Totally love the pic...the stockings are hot.

~Tim said...

I'm a day late getting around. Hope you had a happy HNT!

Biscuit said...

Very Sexy!