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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Tell Me on a Sunday

Tell Me on a Sunday - Sarah Brightman

My Spartans lost yesterday, as expected, but they made Michigan work for it at least. It's all my fault, of course. I was working in my attic yesterday. Any part of the game I watched, the Spartans sucked. If I was up in the attic, the Spartans shone. They were ahead and late in the 4th quarter I came downstairs and plopped down on the couch. Michigan scored the touchdown that clinched the game for them moments after I sat down. I need to just stay away from the TV and the Spartans will be okay. I'm realizing this too late to save this season, however.

As I said, I spent much of Saturday in the attic. Our church is having a second best sale (rummage sale) next week and I was cleaning out stuff to donate for the sale.

We have been in this house 9 years this month (and if you're keeping track, yes, that is longer than we've been married; we shacked up before marriage - are you shocked? My in-laws are still recovering from the horror of it all). How does one family accumulate so much cr@p in just 9 years??!?

Some stuff is just stupid. We have a Christmas tree stand. That my not seem weird, but it is for a live Christmas tree. I am violently allergic to evergreens, so we have never, can never, and will never have a real tree. So why the stand? No clue.

I found dishes I have been looking for and wedding gifts still in their boxes. Some nice stuff too. The kids now are madly in love with all the toys I am donating and are devastated. There was boat stuff up there- riggings, cleats. Isn't that why God gave us a garage? Because He surely didn't intend for us to put a car in that tiny little garage.

I should get rid of some Christmas decorations. I have enough for several Christmas trees, but I haven't even put up one tree for three years. It's a pain to have a tree with little kids. And three cats. What kind of lousy mom doesn't put up a tree for her kids? Oh yeah, a lazy one. I put up a lot of other decorations though, so it's not like the house isn't festive. In fact, on any holiday it looks like a Fitz & Floyd store display. I may have more Fitz & Floyd than the local MacyHudsonField's.

Spousehole ticked me off some yesterday (I know, you're stunned.) He bitches and bitches about me not getting things done. So I work my ass off in the attic all day and still manage clean the kitchen and mop the kitchen floor and what does he do? He was on his laptop for 7 hours straight and watching TV at the same time. WTF? He was watching motorcycle videos on YouTube, surfing Ebay for stuff he can't afford, playing games, watching Ninja Warrior on G4 - just farting around! And then he had the nerve to say last night "You going to do some laundry too? It's starting to pile up." Oh hell no. Like he doesn't know how to operate the washing machine? He could have done several loads just running down during commercial breaks! Butthead.


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And now, I'm off to church (go figure!)

Thanks Polt!

Have you ever had an underwire bra that you are sure is out to get you? The one I have on today is so cute, but it's trying to kill me. It keeps poking me on the left side. It's managed to find a spot where it can dig in right against a rib. Now, if you've seen my pictures, you know I am not exactly skin and bones. I come equipped with ample padding. Yet this underwire has found a spot with a direct connection to bone. I'd just take it off, but it's so cute and it matches the panties. The things we do for fashion that no one can see anyway.


Lady in red said...

did you give him a map with directions to the washing machine? if not why not

Vixen said...

I am LOL at you owning a tree stand for a tree will *never* own.

And that is SO true about kids and toys. They see the stuff you are giving away and you get the "why are you giving away my FAVORITE stuffed animal!?!?!?"

...uh huh........

*sigh* ....Spousehole....there are just no words.....

Have a great Sunday Bunny :)

Michelle L. said...

our attic is too small and inacessible to have anything but bats in it, but oy, don't get me started about the basement!

I know I'm kind of a mess, but ever since J moved in, it is a DISASTER!

And god forbid I remind him that he said 10 months ago that he was going to buy shelves and "organize".

searabbit said...

Same thing here with toys that aren't wanted or even remembered until we do a big cleaning and they are suddenly so, but so desired!!!!!
And yes, we pile craps like crazy... only two years here, and I'm sure the basement is filled with garbage!! Only to consider the amount of garbade we put out every week, and I see that we are compulsive consummers... what a shame... ;-(
About the wash...I strickly refuse that He does any cloth washing.... Every time a man touched the washing machine and put some stuff in, a catastrophe followed... ome of my handwash only little precious thinggy get caugt an is lost forever... So, I am the one in charge of laundry... and I intend to keep it that way!

Lady in red said...

one of the reasons I divorced Sf was that I was fed up with him ruining my clothes. But my 2 eldest boys are capable of washing without ruining (of course they learnt from me!!)

Lady in red said...
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crse said...

Oh buddy, I have the same issue with every toy being the most beloved my son ever far as the laundry? what a f-ing spouse hole.

terry said...

hey, i did a major crap purge in my apartment several months ago... and i already need to do another one!


what the hell??

Sue said...

I would love to go through and clean out all the junk from our house. Hell, I'd be happy if Paul would just let me go in and clean out the kids room and playroom. Get rid of all the shit they don't play with, which is most everything. At ages 17, 15, and 10...I think a huge box of K'nex, one of Legos and their video games is plenty. Heaven knows they haven't played with Matchbox vehicles in eons.

Oh. Wait. Never mind. If I could just get Paul to get rid of the two dead vehicles in the yard I'd be happy.

What is it with men and dead vehicles?