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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Memes

Unconscious Mutterings, the Free Association meme

  1. Booze :: Cruise

  2. Counter :: Insurgency

  3. Action :: Jackson

  4. Trial :: Lawyer

  5. Wheelchair :: Basketball

  6. 1-800 :: NO HAIRS (I hear that damn radio commercial all the time)

  7. Chop :: Suey

  8. Relatives :: AAAACK!

  9. Bed sheets :: 600 thread count

  10. Funnel :: CAKES (omg - that sounds so yummy right now

BTW Sunday


By the way...

How many landlines (telephones) do you have in your house? (In use, that is.)

Four. Three cordless and one corded wall phone (handy if the power is out)

If you have landlines, do you plan on keeping them in the near future?

Yes. I have DSL and they go hand-in-hand

Do you ever call long distance on your landline?

Yes, although we don't have long-distance service on it. We buy long-distance phone cards, 1000 minutes at a time. That lasts us about 3 years.

Do you own a cell phone?

It's 2008 - yes, we have cell phones

Do you consider your cell phone your main line or do you use it strictly for traveling and emergencies?

Whenever I am out of the house and for texting. And for talking with guys who aren't my husband. Otherwise I use my landline.

What brand is your cell phone? What fun features does your cell phone have?

T-Mobile Nokia and it is OLD. Seriously old. The company was still Voicestream when I got the phone - LOL. B/W screen, can't take or receive photos (though if you send me I can get it online. I only recently learned that.) I can IM on it via AOL (I rarely do). It has a few games, some decent built-in ringtones (I can't download ringtones either.)

Sad thing is, I have a Razr that my SIL only used for a while before she switched to using just one cell for work and personal stuff. It's locked to AT&T/Cingular and I have T-Mobile. If I would just send it in to one of the "unlocking" services, I could just pop my SIM chip in and I would be good to go. I just keep not getting around to it.

Can you imagine your daily life without a cell phone?

I'd do okay. I do get frustrated sometimes if I leave my phone at home when I go out. But most of the time I could get by without it.

Blast from the past...

Do you ever remember being on a party line?

No, but I knew people who had one

Do you remember when your phone was owned by the telephone company?

Yes. My parents had phone company phones when I was a kid. They wouldn't get me my own extension in my room because it cost too much to add an extension.

Do you remember having a telephone number with a prefix that was part letters?
Ex. MU9-0000.

My mother could only remember her father's phone number by the letter prefix.

Last question...Overall, do you think we're better off for having cell phones or not?

Overall, we are better off. I think it is wonderful to be able to call the police while, for instance, the flasher is still standing in front of you masturbating in the Walgreen's parking lot (actual experience) or call for assistance in the immediate aftermath of an accident. It's wonderful for parents to be able to keep track of their (older) children via cell. Cell phones in and of themselves are great things. It's the people who misuse them that drive me insane. Talking in restaurants and movie theatres (usually much too loudly) annoys me. When I was working, I hated my cell phone sometimes because sometimes I just wanted to be unavailable. If I had to drive to court in another county, sometimes I just wanted some peace and quiet. I didn't want to spend the whole drive talking to my secretary or a client or opposing counsel on some other case. When you work a 12-15 hour day, those pockets of quiet time are precious. Even now, if I don't want to be disturbed, I turn my phone off completely (I know there are people who just gasped at the very thought. The people who aren't sure even HOW to turn their phone off, much less why anyone would ever want to do so.)

So overall we are better off with cell phones, but we need to use them politely in public.


gab said...

Oh yes we had a party line and when my mom was expecting my sister she tried to call the doctor and they other people wouldnt give up their call. Boy were my parents happy when we didnt "share" any more. And I remember ours was HA 1 something.
I love my cell although its frustraiting at times. and I have a newer one that takes pics and so forth. Thing is you gotta "buy" the games and I wish I had the ringtones from my old cell :(

Desmond Jones said...

We never had a party line (I don't think, altho I knew people who did), and yes, I do remember when phone numbers started with two letters. Actually, they were usually said as a word, like the old song, 'Beechwood 4-5789', but you'd just dial the first two letters.

I have a long commute, so I got my first cell phone (thru my auto insurer) purely for on-the-road emergencies. But it really is handy to be able to check in when I'm away from home. . .

True story - a couple years ago, at our parish's Good Friday service (we're Catholic), a guy was in the communion line, when his cell phone rang. All the way up the line, he's talking on his cell phone, occasionally saying, "Look, I can't really talk right now. . ." But finally, he's at the front of the line, to receive communion, and he's still on the phone. So he just holds out one hand to receive communion, while he's still talking on the phone! Ack!