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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesday and Still Ring-Free

TMI is coming! TickledPinkToes had a power (& thus internet) outage and was unable to post. TMI will most likely be up after she gets home from work. (Prof. Fate is on vacation.)

It's Tuesday morning and we are blissfully ring-free. I'm hoping that before this is over the white stripe on my ring finger will be gone. (I'm trying to be positive about things.)

Anyway, being ring-free will just make tonight's playdate with my "friend" all the more fun. I think my friend needs a blog moniker. I'm open to suggestions - friend with benefits (FWB), friend with privileges (FWP), Side Thang (ST), I could refer to him by his profession, Teacher . . . I don't know. Don't even suggest "Fuck Buddy" - it may be accurate, but it's crude. Even a cheating whore has to have some standards.

BTW - "Friend with Privileges" is how my mother refers to her friends' male companions. She has a surprising number of 60+ female friends who have a guy that they shtupp but don't consider a boyfriend. Scary.


Trueself said...

You know, I saw a guy (young, 20s probably) wearing a t-shirt the other day that said Friend With Privileges. It was my first exposure to that term. My very first thought was that it expressed a certain appreciation for what he was getting more than Friend With Benefits does. My thinking was that benefits are something we feel we are entitled to, but privileges are things that we work to earn. Okay, yes, probably overthinking the whole thing a bit. Sorry.

Edtime Stories said...

well I think we can come up with something catchy...I will have to think about it.

SlipOfAGirl said...

Love, love, Love the strip!

stanglover64 said...

Still ring-free? The white stripe does go away. I've been ring-free for about 4 months. I tried putting it on the other day and it just didn't feel right. It does make flirting a lot easier when you don't have a ring on. ;)

crse said...

What about boy toy?

Anonymous said...

I've already decided to call mine FWB.