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Monday, June 25, 2007

From POS to POC; or can a minivan be a hooptie?

We got the bad news Saturday: mommyvanthefirst, aka Moby (it's big and white) or the POS (piece of shit) requires more in repairs than we are willing to spend on it. After all, it has 149,950 hard miles (I do think we must drive it that last 50 miles to get to 150,000, however). We have sorely mistreated the poor thing. It's oil changes have all been "passive" lately thanks to a leak and our regular replacement of said fluid. The AC gave out last summer. The serpentine belt breaks at least annually (the holes where the tensioner attaches to the motor are CROOKED and Chrysler has refused since 30,000 miles to acknowledge that this is a problem). The latest broken serpentine belt took out the power steering pump when it snapped.

The POS is merely a back-up vehicle. A winter beater for when it's too snowy for Spousehole to ride the motorcycle. Or if it rains. Because I won't share mommyvanthesecond. No, I will not be stuck at home with no ride. That's just the kind of bitch I am.

Fortuitously, my Daddy had a suburban hooptie (another minivan; also white) for which he had no further use. I spent all day today running aroung transferring titles and plates, taking care of insurance, having the CU sign off Moby's title because I lost the release of lien they sent 5 years ago, etc. We're going to call the new-to-us one the POC, since it's only crap, not all out shit. And it was FREE, my favorite four-letter F word (and you thought it was that other one!)

Besides a free vehicle, today had another bonus: super-hot eye candy at the Secretary of State office (Michigan's version of the DMV in most states). Most of the guys there are just scary. There were a couple college age cuties, but then Mr. Super-Hot Eye Candy arrived. Picture Christopher Meloni, but a little more hair and about 10-15 years younger. Yeeooww! I could've admired him all day long. Made the wait so much more pleasant.

So we now have THREE freakin' minivans, until we sell (for scrap) or give away Moby. Lord, save us from ourselves.

Disclaimer: Moby/the POS actually LOOKS like a nice vehicle. It's the mechanics of it that are shit. If you saw it on the street you wouldn't go "Oh look at that sad family in the piece of shit-mobile. Just pathetic."


SandyShoes said...

Crapping out at less than 150K, ouch. I had a Chrysler like that. Fool me once... I've been a Toyota gal ever since.

(How pathetic is it that I have minivan envy? They're just so damn useful. I'm eyeing the Sienna the way I used to ogle Mercedes convertibles. Sad.)

Donate Moby to a nonprofit (maybe save the whales? sorry) and take the tax writeoff, which may be worth more than you could sell it for. Everyone wins.

Edtime Stories said...

what four letter word that starts with f could you mean?

I like the idea of donating it, hope you can move forward in the new vehicle.

crse said...

Don't dads rock? My dad gave me a full on "hooptie" a huge '88 buick regal. Ive dented the side already. When i want to feel street, I crank up my bass and drive reeeallll slow. It truly is the mid-size sedan of my dreams.