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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday Weirdness + It's Really Happening

1. Is there anything hanging from your vehicle's rear view mirror?

Not by my choice, but when my son has been in there he usually leaves something for me to take down - stickers, stuffed animals, hair clips, etc.

2. When you go into the bathroom, do you ever check behind the shower curtain? You know, to make sure no one is miraculously hiding back there.

Not anymore. I did many years ago, when I lived alone. I discovered that there was never anyone there except the occasional cat.

3. At what age did your mom or dad give you "the talk" about sex?

My parents were open and informative about sex and sexual issues my whole life. I was probably about 9 or 10 when my mom really go into detail about it, but it was nothing so dramatic as to be memorable.

4. If you could add anything at all to an airplane to make trips more interesting, what would it be and why?

Private cabins with a bed :)

5. What is one thing you and your significant other can never seem to agree on?

MONEY!!! We have very different ideas about what is important.

6. Have you ever walked in on someone else having sex? How did you and the people involved react?

No, not uninvited at least. ;-)

7. Everyone hears discussions that they consider boring. What is one topic that can put you to sleep quicker than any other?

The unremitting wonderfulness of someone else's miraculous and perfect child.

* * * * *

It's really happening.

I'm moving down south. Movers are going to come and, for an exhorbitant amount of money, haul my stuff 1100 miles to our new home.

We still haven't sold our house in Michigan, so it's going to be interesting for a while. Financially, that is.

Trying to get my son's school records transferred is proving to be interesting. He's been attending summer school two days a week at a school that is not his regular school. Figuring out where his records are and who has the responsibility to send them down south is a pain in the butt. Because he is autistic and can't just go into a regular first grade classroom, it's important that the school psychologist down there gets his records ASAP in order to determine the best placement for him.

I am looking forward to the new house. It's much newer than my current house (by almost 80 years), has a 2.5 car garage, laundry right by the bedrooms, and I'LL HAVE MY OWN BATHROOM. Okay, I have to share it with Spousehole, but I don't have to share it with the kids! This is HUGE for me. I hate sharing a bathroom with the kids. Even better - the master bath in the new house has a tub AND a separate shower!! Woo hoo!! I may never leave that room. No basement in the new house, of course, but the bathroom probably makes up for that. It's in a small town outside Charleston; close enough for Spousehole to commute fairly easily, far enough out to have better schools and avoid some of the pitfalls of city living.

What's weird is giving up how I think of myself. I currently live in an older home in a semi-hip part of a largish city. Our neighborhood is family-oriented, but with a hip twist. We like to think we're kind of cool. Liberals, artists, musicians, heterosexual, homosexual, blended, multiracial, and multicultural families living in harmony, all that stuff. Now I'm moving to a cookie-cutter subdivision (oh wait, they're not all the same - there are 6 different floorplans!) in a small town in the south. I'll be just another suburban mom driving a minivan around the subdivision and shopping at the Walmart Supercenter. It's just not "me" or at least not how I think of "me."

Change - the only constant in life.

To blog is a self-invasion of privacy


for a different kind of girl said...

My parents still haven't given me "the talk"! Good thing I figured everything out through a healthy dose of cable television and exploration! Ha!

I used to live in one of those ecclectic neighborhoods and them moved into a cookie cutter world. It can change you, but I must admit, the idea of having a store open past 4 p.m. on any day of the week was a big draw for me!

Hope things go off without any glitches!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your move. I bet it could be very exciting. I'd move just for weather reasons!

Us said...

You forgot one all important difference... no snow!

garbonzo said...

Congratulations on finding a house that meets your expectations/needs! The real struggle is going to be seeing how your "hip, eclectic" furniture fits in to the suburban house. Been there!

when is the big day?

Desmond Jones said...

I can still mostly remember my dad giving me 'the talk'. It was basically: "The plumbing works. Don't mess with it."

And gosh, when you say, "It's really happening," I'm suddenly realizing that I won't have you down the road for very much longer. . . :'(

Slick said...

I'm still waiting on my Dad to sit me down and explain the birds and bees.

Good luck with the move, Bunny!!

D said...

cookie cutter neighborhoods have some advantages. for example, you can walk over to a neighbors house that is the same floor plan and see what they did to decorate. pick the parts you like and learn from their mistakes. :)

ok, so that isn't much of a advantage. i'm stretching here.

good luck on the move though. and i especially hope you have great luck with your son. that is going to the hardest part of all.

Sheen V said...

At least you'll be farther away from U of M, which is a good thing (coming from an OSU grad)!