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Monday, August 25, 2008

Nerves - AACK!

Man-o-man, this isn't good.

I'm getting a serious case of nervousness about this move. I'm jittery, can't sleep, a little panicky and very irritable. Spousehole has been pissing me off something terrible. I really must bone up on my ESP skills, because my failure to read his mind has been a real problem lately. My failure to do anything right, in his eyes, is also a problem. I'm totally f-ing worthless, I guess.

I have so much to do and so little time in which to do it. The movers are coming either September 8 or September 9 (it's not the most exact business in the world) and I feel like there's no way I can be ready. I have so much to pack and the kids make doing so VERY difficult. I figured I'd get a lot done next weekend if my in-laws took the kids for the long weekend, but they don't want to take the kids if I don't come up too. While I love boating, swimming, and sitting around drinking as much as the next person, I really have too much sh-- to do. Maybe they'll agree to take the kids Friday and I'll drive up Sunday morning. That way they aren't alone with them the whole time. IDK - we'll see.

I've been coming in contact with a lot of people from high school on Facebook this past week. (Under my real name, not the profile under my blog identity). An old boyfriend and I re-connected. I was a tad surprised to find that he's now only dating men. Not that there's anything wrong with that - but he spent all of high school denying that he was gay (and trying to get into my pants). I'm glad he's finally being honest with himself.

Back to the inexactness of the movers, one of the things I have been trying to explain to Spousehole is that our furniture, and everything else, may not arrive very quickly. We have a delivery date of "Sept 11 - Sept 17." That's right, almost a week between possibly delivery dates. Anyway, Spousehole didn't get that movers may have 2-3 households on one truck and they may have to stop and unload someone else's stuff before getting to us in S.C. That's also why they don't give an exact date for loading, since it may take longer to load someone ahead of us than they plan. I would hate to be a logistics manager for a moving company. I get overwhelmed just THINKING about it!

After I explained how that works, Spousehole understood why we need to bring sleeping bags and more than just one change of clothes (I don't want to be at a laundromat every day washing the previous day's clothes - for up to a week.) I think we are going to have to get one of those "turtle" things for the top of the minivan to carry all our crap. We also have to take all cleaning supplies in the car, as well as the propane tank from the grill. The movers won't take those because they could explode in the un-temperature-regulated truck. Great. And no, I'm not leaving my propane tank; it's not one of those "trade it in" types - it's designed just for my Weber grill and has the "quick-connect" valves and stuff. It's heavy-duty and too good to leave behind.

He's now also complaining about the time he will have to take off work to drive with us. It was his stupid idea in the first place!!! Yes, my dad became a big proponent of the plan, but Spousehole was the one who first raised the idea. But the aggravation it is causing is all my fault of course. Everything is always my fault.

To blog is a self-invasion of privacy


Stephen Rader said...

Isn't it a bitch when people - - and when I say "people," I mean "men" - - assume that EVERYONE knows EXACTLY what they are thinking, when they are thinking it and why they thunk it up in the first place?!?

You hold your head high. Not everything is your fault.

Sending you good energy and good thoughts.

garbonzo said...

Just keep telling yourself, "he's only a man. He's only a man."

Strange how face book is connecting high school friends. I had almost the exact same thing happen today (minus the only dating men part).

The kids will love the sleeping in sleeping bags and grilling on the back deck. It is like camping at your house! Just wish Spousehole would see the fun in all of it.

Anonymous said...

Last time I moved, the movers put my wife's car and my truck in the back of their semi trailer. I learned later that they picked up another person's stuff and due to lack of space, they put some of that other person's stuff in the back of my truck.

I kept thinking, hey - shouldn't I have gotten paid for them using my truck to move someone's stuff? Really, I would have charged if I had known.

aphron said...

Sounds like great fun to be had by all. The stress of moving has been compared to a death. I don't envy you.

Trueself said...

I'm so sorry you're going through so much stress. Hang in there.

G-Man said...

Xanex Bunny...

Al Gore said...

I invented ESP.

Slick said...

Ah're not doing anything wrong.

I imagine everyone is all stressed as hell. Not making excuses for him but...

Anonymous said...

Makes me jittery just thinking about it all.