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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

TMI Tuesday

Come play with us!

1. Is there a TV show you HAVE to watch? If so, what is it?
24, when it's on. (Not until JANUARY, sob!) My family knows that you don't bother mommy during 24. I love House too, but rarely get to see it as that's when I'm putting the kids back to bed after they've gotten up - again.

2. What is you favorite drink if you are going to drink more than one?
Diet Coke. Oh, you meant alcohol? Margaritas or tequila shots.

3. How long do you carry guilt around with you?
Forfreakingever. I still feel guilt for things that happened when I was a little kid.

4. Where is or would be your number one romantic get away spot?
Mackinac Island, Michigan. Just beautiful.

5. Have you ever seen a counselor?
Duh. I'm crazier than a bedbug.

Bonus (as in optional): Last summer the Archives of Sexual Behavior the 237 reasons people have sex and the Top 50 Reasons Men and Women Have Sex. What are your top 5 reasons?

5. It's fun
4. It's fun
3. It's fun
2. It's fun
1. It's FUN!
Oh no! The people at Stuff White People Like have done a post about me! Well, they don't mention me by name or anything, but it's clearly all about me. After all, I'm a lawyer with a liberal arts degree obsessed with grammar (and punctuation) and who loves to proofread.


Weekends Off said...

Hahaha it is fun!!!!!

Edtime Stories said...

really fun? I thought it was for the free totebag?

Pluff said...

Oooh Mackinac. Good one. Never been there. Read about it a lot.

LOVE the bonus. Girl after my own heart!! Haha!

Great answers! Happy TMI!

for a different kind of girl said...

Amen for No. 3. Hell, I sometimes feel ragingly guilty for stuff I had no hand in! I just pick it up by osmosis!

Flyinfox_SATX said...


Happy TMI! You feel pretty much the same way I do regarding the last bonus questions.


Bunny Bunster said...

As always, your answers are awesome!

Trueself said...

I'm right there with you and fadkog on #3. Guilt runs strong in me.

As for the bonus, you nailed those top five reasons. Absolutely!

Monique said...

Love your answer to #5.

Happy TMI !

Vixen said...

LOL You always have such awesome answers. :)

House hasn't been that great since it came back. You haven't missed much IMO.


Craze said...

I'm wondering if you think sex is fun? :) hahaha!

Amorous Rocker said...

<3 House, margaritas and tequila! Yummy. ;) Great answers Bunny! Happy TMI. =)

Bob said...

Thanks for the tip on 24. I was wondering when our guy was finished with his jail time and back on the job. I miss hearing Keiffer shout, 'DAMN IT CHLOE!'. I hear there's a 24 movie coming out soon.

sandyshoes said...

I broke a robin's egg when I was 7 and I STILL FEEL GUILTY.

Confessing doesn't help, dangit.

The Bizza said...

#1 - I use to like 24. Last season kinda sucked though.

#2 - Tequilla... bad memories for me...

#3 - I'm the same way.

Bonus - Good answer!

I Smile 2 Much said...

lol on your #5. ; ) but i'm especially likin' your bonus here. yup. sooooooooooo right you are! ; )

can i talk u into being my proof*reader?! well, i just figured it couldnt hurt 2 ask & dang*it i really need it ; ) (giggle*giggle)

Sheen V said...

I'm a serial comma user!!

Desmond Jones said...

Molly and I spent part of our honeymoon on Mackinac Island. And one of the most romantic, erotic times we've had since then was a getaway weekend on the island when she was pregnant with 5M. We had a top-floor room overlooking the lake, and we were just inspired to spend many delightful hours in bed together. . .

(And one of my proudest moments was when I climbed the Fort Hill on my own bicycle; without getting off to walk; thought I was gonna die. . .)