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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Despite all her rage, she is still just a cat in a cage

Remember I told you about how I was going to have to put my crazy cat to sleep? My soft-hearted, animal-loving father couldn't stand that idea. He initially agreed that putting her down was likely the best option, but it's been bugging him ever since. Today he took my crazy cat home. He took the rabbit pen she's been living in, so she will have her familiar home (besides, my mother would rather not have a crazy peeing cat running around the house).

Surprisingly, my other two cats ("the boys") are quite disturbed to find crazy cat gone. They are pacing, looking at me suspiciously, and just generally agitated. I have no idea what they think happened to her. They didn't seem to care when she moved to the cage and refused to leave, but her being gone from the house entirely bothers them. Go figure. (On the other hand, I don't think they've yet noticed that Spousehole is gone.)

As my dad said, he hasn't met a cat yet that didn't warm up to him, so hopefully she will come to like my dad. She let him pet her on the drive to their town, which is a good sign. She refused to come out of the cat carrier when they arrived, however. She used to do that at the vet too. I would have to unscrew the carrier and take it apart to get her out. You can turn it so that the door opening (door removed) is facing straight down and she'll hang on with her little stumps (she's declawed) and not come out.

She will be living in her familiar rabbit pen in my dad's basement. Unlike our basement, which is used for storage and laundry, my parents' basement is finished and is where my dad works (he's been retired for 11 years, but is busier than most working people). He's down there all the time escaping from my mother working on his income-producing hobbies. She'll have regular company. The interesting part will be seeing how she and my parents' cat and dog interact. The dog doesn't go to the basement as much as he used to, since he's 16 and would usually rather sleep than haul his geriatric self down the stairs and back up again (though he still goes for 1-2 mile walks everyday - he's no invalid, even at his age) . The cat, however, is not likely to appreciate another feline in her house. Another interesting thing will be when my dad tries to wash my cat. His dog and cat get regular baths (the dog weekly, the cat every-other-week). His cat LIKES to get a bath, but mine is afraid of her own shadow (literally). She has had baths, when we had a flea problem a few years back, but didn't care for it AT ALL. My father has lived 72 years, surviving a triple-bypass, carotid endarectomy, and nearly 60 years of smoking. This cat may kill him. If nothing else, he could bleed to death (she has back claws and sharp teeth). After that, he may decide to put her down after all.


Sailor said...

I always found it hard, when it was time to make the decision about putting a loved pet to sleep, so good for your dad.

Here's hoping he survives the claws, and she the move.

Bunny Bunster said...

Best of luck to your dad and Crazy cat!
What do you mean "spousehole is gone."
Did I miss something again?

Val said...

Heh heh -- if he's got the time, I think she'll warm up to him & adjust to the move...

Vixen said...

Aww...I hope it works out for crazy cat and your dad. That was sweet of him to take her.