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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Remote control O?

Found in the October 2007 Vanity Fair, in an article entitled Lazy America:

n recent years people have learned to accept the presence of technology, mechanical or pharmaceutical, in the bedroom. But even Cialis seems old-school in comparison with a new gadget recently created by Dr. Stuart Meloy of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Meloy's still-unnamed wonder one-ups the Orgasmatron proposed in Sleeper, Woody Allen's 1973 comedy of the future. With the adoption of Meloy's invention, there will be no need for foreplay, not to mention dinner and a movie. Discovered serendipitously as the doctor was treating a woman with back pain, the device is a remote-controlled electrode surgically implanted into the base of the spinal cord. With a click of the wireless remote, it welcomes you to the future in a big way, sort of all over. Ninety-one percent of women tested by Meloy reached orgasm in recent F.D.A.-approved trials. (The other 9 percent told the electrode, "Don't worry, honey, it happens.") No, the product is not yet on the market.

I can see my husband wanting to get this device for me. Not because he wants me to have orgasms, necessarily, but to relieve him of the burden of being expected to provide them. He could participate in sex to point he chooses, then just click the remote to make me come. Ok, he would click it a couple times because once he's into it he likes me to get there more than once, but you see what I mean . . .

Frankly, I'll take old-fashioned ones, thank you. What's the point if you don't work for it? If he would like to pay for some unnecessary surgery, I'll take LASIK, thank you.


terry said...

that sounds like no fun at all. and isn't sex supposed to be fun??

G-Man said...

What a great old Movie!
I liked the scene where they found the VW in the cave and it started right up!!
Also, that was the first time that I ever heard the word..Cloning!
(google.Orson Bean..The Orgone and Me)
Bunny, I hope your boy is better...xox
(He needs to dump the Ninja, and get a Hog!)
Have a great day..G

crse said...

Im right with you. It sounds kind of alarming.

crse said...

Im SO sorry about your boy! I hope all is better now. Im way behind on the blogs but i want you to know i feel you buddy!

Anonymous said...

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