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Thursday, September 27, 2007

For The Responsible Cheater

Feeling bad that your infidelity is causing an imbalance in the emotional atmosphere? Want to do something about it? Now you can. It's called CheatNeutral. You've heard of carbon offsetting? Well this is infidelity offsetting.

From the website:

What is Cheat Offsetting?

When you cheat on your partner you add to the heartbreak, pain and jealousy in the atmosphere.

Cheatneutral offsets your cheating by funding someone else to be faithful and NOT cheat. This neutralises the pain and unhappy emotion and leaves you with a clear conscience.

Can I offset all my cheating?

First you should look at ways of reducing your cheating. Once you've done this you can use Cheatneutral to offset the remaining, unavoidable cheating

The best part? It's great for cheaters AND those who don't cheat! Cheaters can pay to offset their misdemeanors and non-cheaters can get paid for not cheating! So even if you are single and never, ever in a million years are going to laid, you can get paid for it. What's not to love?

If you're a cheater like me, it costs only to pay £2.50 to offset your cheating ways. That's about $5.06 for us North Americans!

Note: CheatNeutral is a spoof. They won't really pay you to not get laid. Sorry.


Loving Annie said...

Huh ? I gotta admit to thinking immediate castration might be a bit of a deterrent...

The inside of me said...

That seems a little much. I don't have that much money on me. Can I get credit?

Chelle said...

Bahahaha. Wonder how many people actually thought this was legit! Of course...too bad it isn't, eh? hehe

Weekends Off said...

Too bad it's not real, I'd make all kinds of money!!!

Hi Bunny! I hope you have a great weekend!!!

ArtfulSub said...

Grrherhahahahhaaha. There should be a contest for the best Carbon-Offsetting parody.