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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ok, You Lost Me There . . .

I'm still terribly undecided about who to support in the next Presidential election. I like Clinton, but I think enough people absolutely hate her that her electability is a concern. I like Obama, but I have concerns about his lack of experience. Edwards doesn't move me. Most of the Republicans piss me off. I used to agree with Guiliani on a lot, and I think he did wonderful things in NY, but even I have issues with how he has handled his personal life (moving Judi in before Donna and the kids were even out of Gracie Mansion? Serious lack of good judgement.)

But today I must pick on New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. He vows to tackle obesity issues as President. He said "We must help people understand that it is a disease, not a behavior. And those of us who are overweight or obese are not lazy or undisciplined. We cannot allow Americans to be taken in by the easy comfort of stereotypes." Washington Post.

Speaking as a person who is "overweight or obese," I take issue with this view. I, for one, AM lazy and undisciplined. I think that is true of most of us with weight issues. Yes, genetics are part of it - we got the lazy and undisciplined gene! Yes, there are emotional issues that contribute (they vary, of course, but include sexual abuse/rape, depression, loneliness, and more). And women's bodies are programmed to hold onto fat more than men's (in order to bear and feed the children even if food is scarce). But "lazy and undisciplined" pretty well sums up the bulk of it. For instance, I should go to the gym every day, but I only go twice a week, three times if I'm feeling motivated. Lazy and undisciplined. I should eat healthier, but I don't always. Because I am undisciplined. Simple as that.

Am I wrong? Tell me why.


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Kittie Kate said...

I had an eating disorder myself. I would eat everything in sight. I didn't care if it was healthy or not. I had gluttony. But now I eat right and lost weight and hold a stable weight. It's a lot of hard work though.

George said...

I think another reason you can look at is all of the junk food being pushed in our faces so much of the time. And if it's not junk food ... the times you do go to a "better " restaurant they hit you with portions that could feed 2 or 3 people. In those cases and types of restaurants it's a sense of getting more bang for your buck.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully being Canadian I don't have to try to decide between candidates but I will be affected because everything the US does - Canada soon follows. Please consider your little sister to the North and vote wisely no matter which way you go :)

If your weight has become a health issue then you have to try to find some way to discipline yourself if not for you then for your kids but otherwise - if you're healthy enough and happy with yourself and you're OK with your personal body image - what difference does it truly make?

Edtime Stories said...

Bill is an interesting guy but I don't know if he can win. It is good campaign issue for him.

denae said...

What about Mike Gravel?

I dig him way more than anyone else out there so far.