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Monday, February 25, 2008

Mute Monday - Weird but Good

Try it with eggnog instead of smetana (kind of like creme fraiche)!

I actually have a can just like this in my pantry.

Deep-fried Coca-Cola

Deep-friend Twinkie

Grilled peanut butter & banana sandwich

Taiyaki - a Japanese waffle cake filled with sweetened red bean paste YUM!


The Troll said...

Definately 100% weird. I'll trust you on the good part! Happy Mute Monday!

Gypsy said...

That's a great Mute Monday Bunny. Everyone has had such a different take and there have been some really fantastic posts. I've always wanted to know what a Twinkie was and don't you just love that name - spotted dick....LMFAO.

Sue said...

Every year that I've prepared to go to Vegas I say the same thing...this year I'm buying a deep-fried Twinkie just to say I've tried it. And each year I chicken out.

Maybe this year.

Anonymous Boxer said...

GREAT picks! There is so much food out there that IS weird but good. Nice take on the subject.

she said...

i see you have elvis' favorite meal.i go to an event every summer where all these elvis impersonators come to this little town in georgia where there is an old boarding house shrine to him. anyway, they serve fried banana and PB sandwiches. but its the fried COKE thats got me curious. mmmmmmmmmmm

spotted dick? *cough*

Pop Tart said...

You've actually eaten all of this? Momma told me to avoid the spotted dick ;)

Happy MM :)

SlipOfAGirl said...

Now I know why Pop Tart was talking about your spotted dick lol

Never had it -- of any of these!

Slick said...

Fried Dick??

I kinda cringed on that one, Bunny.

SeaRabbit said...

OMG!!! I will never eat anything you displayed here!!! ;-))

moi said...

Awesome, someone did Weird But Good Food! Well, weird to some, maybe. You gotta lurve deep fried Twinkies, right?

Kate said...

What!?! No deep fried snickers? Totally rocks! Happy MM!

Polt said...

Mmm, I love me some deep fried twinkie!

......oh, you're talking about the little spongecakes, aren't you?



Vixen said...

Wow. This is the best I've seen today.

Spotted Dick....can't go wrong there, eh? LOLOLOL!