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Friday, February 15, 2008


What a crap week this has been. No, not so much in the poop sense, just overall yucky. Boy was just a major PITA this week, in terms of getting ready for and going to school. A little asshole, truth be told. But you really don't want all those details. They are just sad and aggravating.

Last night, VD for those who may have forgotten, was good. We actually got a babysitter (not the 15-yr-old my husband lusts after, but her best friend) and made it home when we told her we would be home! Minor miracle there. The kids had a ball having someone new to pester. We actually had another babysitter lined up before this one, but he was going to have to leave his pizza job early to babysit for us. He was a "if you can't get anyone else, I'll do it" babysitter. So after we got the eventual babysitter, Spousehole needed to contact pizza boy. He's a high school senior and they aren't allowed to talk on their phones during school, so I suggested Spousehole text him (they are allowed texts at their school). Spousehole said "Um, I don't know what carrier he uses so I can't text him." WTF? I asked what the hell he was talking about. It turns out that Spousehole, Mr. Technology, Mr. Master's Degree in Computer Science, does not know how to send a text message!! O. M. G. The only way he was ever sent a text message is by using an email - you know: Holy guacamole! How can a guy with his tech cred not know how to send a frickin' text message??!?!?! ROFLMFAO!!! I taught him how to send a text on his way-way-way nicer phone (practically brand-new LG something-or-another) than I have.

Our hosts for dinner have a ginormous farm north of us where they raise horses. A particular rare-ish breed. Gorgeous home, gorgeous horses. I brought the appetizers - garlic hummus and bagel chips and prosciutto -wrapped asparagus. Yumm! I read a thing recently that said that it is rude to pack up your leftovers and bring them home, so I reluctantly left the leftover garlic hummus with our hosts. Time to make more!

I did get flowers for VD. Here's a lousy picture of them:

They weren't from Spousehole, of course. They were from my Daddy. He always gets my mom, my sister and me stuff for VD. His birthday is February 14, so he tries to deflect attention away from himself. (He turned 72 yesterday. You'd never know it though - he's very active and BUSY.)

Spousehole never once said Happy VD or anything and never touched me (i.e., no hug/kiss/pat on the back/handshake/anything) all day or night. He did get a card from the kids to me and had them sign it. Better than nothing, I guess. I gave him some candy and told him that while I don't like him most of the time, I'll always love him, sort of. (I'm such a romantic!) His reply: Cool - I didn't know they made tart Sweethearts!" Girl spent the whole day saying "Happy Bawentine Day!" to everyone she met, including animals. It was very cute, in it's own little toddler-with-a-speech-impediment way.

Speaking of Spousehole, he's had "casual day" all week at work, because their cubicles had to come down for new carpet installation and now they are putting them back up. God forbid they should hire cheap labor for this - noooo, get the salaried, degreed employees to do that work! Here's a pic of him getting ready to leave for work:
Apparently, his duties at work have been expanded. He is not only a GIS/web/database programmer, he is also a Nerf sniper! I asked about the need for the gun and he explained that "There's been a major arms build-up at work. My team needs to be reminded who's in charge." Alrighty then.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


George said...

The good thing about crappy weeks is that they don't last forever. The weekend will be great ... have a good one

Sue said...

The picture of Spousehole with the nerf gun is hysterical. And his response even better.

Paul finally wished me HVD about 7 p.m. last night. I had gotten him a card and the SweetTart hearts, too. He loves them, so I buy them for him every year.

Anyhow, he approached me, gave me a peck on the cheek and said "HVD. I didn't get you anything but we can go out to dinner Friday." Uh. Ok.

So I guess I'm going out to dinner tonight.

Chuck said...

Hey now, texting can be a frightening endeavor for some people. There are support groups that meet for this I believe.

Does he ever shoot you with big gun of his? :)

Zoely said...

Funny, i want to work where i can play with Nerf guns.
i got something much, mocuh worse than nothing from MM for VD. Trust me, you're GLAD he didn't give you anything.

Slick said...

Ooooo....he didn't even get in trouble??

Vixen said...

That's sweet that your dad got you flowers. I'm surprised it didn't make Spousehole feel like an ass. But whatever.

Here's to an end of a crappy wk for you. *hugs*

The Troll said...

I've never sent a text either.

Sailor said...

Rather funny that he can't text, but oh well, at least he had you to bail him out. Again.

I want to work where I can be the nerf sniper though, that'd be a blast. I need a new job.