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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WTF Wednesday

This week the "W" might be when or why or where instead of what. You can figger it out, rite?

WTF can't my husband remember (1) that it is Wednesday and (2) that Wednesday is trash day? I even reminded him before I went to bed last night!!! I got up around 7 this morning and saw no blue bags at the curb. A quick check north and south to see the neighbors' blue bags and I knew he had once again forgotten. THIRD. WEEK. IN. A. ROW. Do you know how much trash that is in a household with three cats, one child in diapers, and one child who wears pull-ups at night? I recycle A LOT, but we still have A LOT of trash. I bagged it up and put the mountain o' trash at the curb. Then I sent Spousehole an email titled "Guess how I spent my morning" and the following picture attached:He did have the decency to thank me, both by email and in person when he came home for lunch.

WTF would I consider moving to Minneapolis? Yet another headhunter called while he was home for lunch. A company in Minneapolis wants to interview him. He plans to go because he would LOVE to move to Minneapolis. He thinks I would be excited to move there with him because I have family in that area. Guess what? I don't want to move there! See, the woman he has loved for 20 or more years (unrequited) lives there. She is perfect in every way, or so he tells me. I have been compared to the perfect and wonderful Laura from the day I met him. Why in God's name would I want to live anywhere near her? I don't blame her, necessarily, as she has always made it clear that she does not return his feelings. She does, however, take advantage of his willingness to drop everything and go through Hell and high water at her slightest whim. So I guess I do blame her a little. I'm sure her husband would be thrilled to have him there too.

WTF will winter end? I'm sick of it. I slipped on the ice again this morning, but nothing like the previous fall. Municipalities are running out of salt and many have run out of the money budgeted for snow removal for the year. They are saying that they won't have the money to fix the ginormous potholes throughout my city because the pothole-fixin'-money is being blown on snow removal. Frustrating. I'm starting to think that instead of replenishing our savings, our tax refund should be blown on tickets to Florida for a week. What is the point of having relatives with a condo on the Atlantic if we don't take advantage of that from time to time?


D said...

get out of the snow. in texas we have had the mildest winter ever. i don't know the official stats but in my mind it has been hovering around 70 since sometime in october. we keep asking when winter will start down here!

so do you like laura's husband. maybe you can work out an even swap. go to a lawyer and have them draw up papers that will legally swap your marriages instead of end them. just a thought. :)

btw, he isn't forgetting trash day. he is just choosing not to participate in anything domestic. next week, instead of reminding him on tuesday night, use the time to put the trash bags in his car. then when he goes out wednesday morning he'll get a good reminder that it is trash day.

Sue said...

No. Kidding. On winter. Even if I kick Paul out tomorrow, he's got two dead vehicles on my property that he's still going to have to come back and deal with after the snow know, in August!

Desmond Jones said...

(*sigh*) We just blew past 60 inches for the season with yesterday's little dusting; our average is 35. The city hasn't plowed the last two snowfalls, except for 'main arteries', and apparently they're out of salt, too, so all the non-arterial streets are just glazed over with polished ice today. Frustrating that I can commute an hour to work, on clear, dry freeways, but I take my life in my hands for the half-mile between the freeway ramp and my house. . .

Re Laura from Minny - HUH?

Amorous Chick said...

I can understand having a lot of trash. We recycled to when I was a kid (I still do) but we were a house with 2 dogs, some fish and 7 people with 5 of those people being myself, 3 siblings and one cousin. We also had friends from school, the neighborhood and sports over all the time and my mom was the one that let all the kids eat and drink the house away. So I know about all that trash. I swapped my brother chores once so he could do dishes and I would do trash thinking his chore was easier. *Sigh* =D

Eek, I wouldn't want to live in Minnesota at all. I'm happy I live in Texas and our winter doesn't last too long at all. These last few days are warming up and it's only been in the low 40's during the night only to climb up into the 50's and low 60's during the day. I love it. =D I feel bad for you and anyone else still enduring with snow, heh.

You should totally take advantage of a condo if you have it available to your uses. A vacation is always nice. ;)

Jean said...

I am going to WTF with you this week. I have a normally sensible and stable mate. Granted he can be a bit insensitive, even a bit self focused. This week its something in the water.

I need a denture plate, $155.00
The girls need a bunk bed, approx. $250 for a decent used model.

He apparently needed an XBox 360 Pro Edition and the game "Rock Band" with all of its assorted "instruments" even though he'll mostly play alone.

His tax refund just went toward his amusement and now any spare change I get will go into a pool to get the shit we actually need.

Who in their right mind blows over $600 on a ridiculous freaking video game setup when their family needs actual shit?

I swear, I am going totally gay and moving too Barbados.

Anonymous said...

Ok, totally not respecting the spousehole not doing his chores. That is just being lame assed immature.

Trueself said...

Spousehole is correctly named.

Her name is Laura huh? I've had plenty of trouble of my own lately with a person of the same name so just the mention of the name made me gag. BTW, I'm sure there are plenty of very nice people named Laura out there, and I'm sorry if I offended any of them. If I offended one of them that is a skanky bitch whore then I'm not sorry at all. (Oops! Did I actually say that?)

If you go to Florida will you take me please? Please, please, please?

Sailor said...

I'm going to buck the trend here, I'd move to Minneapolis (Well, I'd prefer St. Paul but I'd take the suburb) in a heartbeat.

I miss having real winters, all we get here is icky ice storms and school delays/closings.

George said...

It's the worst winter we have had here in at least 14 years ... as long as I have lived in this area. It has gone way past ... it sucks.

He knows you'll do the garbage so why bother, lazy, just lazy.

Let him move to Minneapolis with a one way ticket.

Anonymous said...

Although I don't believe I have ever done it three weeks in a row, I have been known to forget garbage night from time to time. It had nothing to do with any devious plan or "refusing to do domestic things" as somebody else suggested. It was just something shiny distracted me.

Winter around here (NJ) has been suprisingly mild. We have had a grand total of 2 snow events and combined they were less than 10 inches total.

A long time ago, a company that I worked for relocated to Mn. They wanted me to relocate, but there was no way I was having any part of that! And I didn't have the "other" issues to contend with. Yikes!!!

Ken said...

LOL at your email to Spousehole. Good for you for calling him on it. Doh. But it does suck that you dad to do it yourself. Again.

(((You and your weather)))

Vixen said...

Fuck. Bunny. Delete that comment above. Gliche. That was me above. Doh. *sigh*

Vixen said...

LOL at your email to Spousehole. Good for you for calling him on it. Doh. But it does suck that you dad to do it yourself. Again.

(((You and your weather))

(as me)

Anonymous said...

That post made me feel really sad for you. Not regarding the rubbish - everyone forgets chores and everyone gets worked up about it. That's just life.

But this "three people in a marriage" thing is far more serious. I cannot believe you have accepted this for so long. I simply could not. The only way for him to get this Laura out of his heart (and he needs to do that for his own sake as well as yours) is to break off all contact. If she were a good person she would ensure that he did that. I know that I would.

As for the weather, yes, it is bound to get you down. When will you get spring? I felt instantly better the minute sunshine arrived here a few weeks ago.

Take care of yourself. Perhaps you need spikes on your shoes eh? Save you slipping on the ice and they would be good weapons to throw at Spousehole next time he mentions Laura or forgets his chores.

Blonde, Not Stupid said...

d - don't know what part of Tex-ass you're in but it hasn't been 70 every day in Houston since October, and to be honest, I don't mind it being 25 or 30 at night and 50 during the day.

I'd LOVE to move to Minnesnowta. However, I would NOT put up with Spousehole in any way shape or form. So, as others have asked, why not divorce his lazy, sorry ass and let him go on his own as a single man?

As for why you're running out of salt money and other funds to fix your roads - your government officials spent it on some other unnecessary thing because the dumbasses banked on another mild winter.

buckeyfan said...

Love your Blog! I have really enjoyed reading your writings... I happen to have a female version of Spousehole. It is nice read about someone who has a similar life!