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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

WTF Wednesday

Nothing major to write about but here are a few things that have been on my mind:

WTF was my mother thinking in giving three boys ages 5-8 a freaking arsenal of water guns on my nephew's birthday if she didn't want them to get wet?

WTF were my mother and sister thinking in letting all the kids have cake and ice cream (soy frozen dessert for my son) at 4:30, when we were planning on ordering pizza at 5:00? We held off on the pizza until 6:00 or so, but still my kids ate almost nothing of their dinner. I was the only one who seemed to think cake and ice cream right before dinner was a bad idea. My dad just shrugged and ate his ice cream. (I had none.) The other kids ate plenty of pizza, but they are much bigger eaters than my skinny, scrawny kids. But having my kids not eat cake and ice cream while the others did would have been entirely too bitchy, even for me.

My mother was also mad that my son dumped a dirty looking bowl of water that was on her patio. Apparently there were tadpoles living in it. She rescued some of them, but some were lost. But my question was WhyTF were tadpoles living in a dirty bowl on her patio? There's a perfectly good lake right there for them to live in. These weren't tadpoles from one of those kits you order by mail, they were wild tadpoles living in a bowl. When I asked, she said "I don't know." That's it.

Why is it that the boys (Boy and Nephew, both 7 on that day) are the ones I took to see WALL-E, but Girl (3) is the one who is totally obsessed with it? She is in love with all things WALL-E. She confiscated Boy's WALL-E watch that he got at the theater Saturday, she wants me to read a WALL-E book to her 50 times a day, she wants to go the WALL-E website whenever I'm on the 'puter.
WhyTF does Skype shut down (on my end) every time Spousehole and I connect over it? The whole stupid program just closes as soon as I can see him in the window. The kids really need to be able to see their dad when they talk to him, but my freakin' end won't work right! I even tried installing Windows XP (gasp!) on my machine just so the kids could talk to their dad, but it wouldn't work right. Then I recalled that Spousehole had the same problem when he tried to install Windows to this 'puter. I've since put in a new hard drive, but that apparently didn't change anything. Stupid Windows can't recognize most of my hardware (including my monitor and DSL connection) and is therefore worthless to me. I totally wiped the hard drive, again, and reinstalled Ubuntu. Aggravating. I have another machine I might try to install Windows on (it currently has Kubuntu), but it has very little RAM so I'll probably have to upgrade the RAM to get it to work right.

Is it wrong that I miss Spousehole because him being here to watch the kids meant I didn't have to get a babysitter just to get laid?

Read no further if you don't care for TMI!!!

WTF is going on with my, um, female parts? I bleed every time I have sex in the last year or so, no matter what part of my cycle I am in. That can't be good, right? It starts after first penetration and ends as soon as the sex is done. But I'm not talking about a few spots here - I'm talking about a lot of thin, bright red blood. No clots like a period, not thickish like a period, but thin and bright like bleeding from any type of wound. I bruise pretty easily lately too, but cuts seems to clot well so I don't think it is a clotting problem. I'm always a bit anemic, so that doesn't seem to tell me anything. Nothing hurts, but it does make going down on my lover after he's been inside me a little vampire-ish. If anyone has any ideas, I'd like to hear them. (No, lack of lubrication is not an issue - I produce much more than needed.) My solution is that I should have sex far more often in order to toughen things up - don't know if that would work, but at least it would be fun! That doesn't seem to be an option, however.


Sailor said...

Good luck with the Skype/connection thing, I know that I love being able to see my family when they're gone for the summer.

As to your bleeding- go to the doctor. Changes in bruising too, can be a number of things that need to be dealt with.

Vixen said...

Mike uses Sykpe as his full time phone. He loves it and being able to talk to his son and see him every day. I hope you get it worked out. How frustrating!

I took mine and my sisters kiddos to see Wall-e yesterday. I really enjoyed it. That's cute that your daughter is so obsessed with it. :)

Uh....the bleeding thing....I think you should at least discuss that with your doctor. Esp for as long as it's been going on. *hugs*

Val said...

I am no MD, but I can't help speculating about possible cyst or fibroid tumor? (when was your last ob/gyn appt my dear?)
[Grow more fur & I'll be happy to look at ya, ha ha]

Bunny said...

Yeah Val, I'm thinking cyst too. I had an ultrasound in March and there were no fibroids. I've had ovarian cysts before (they sometimes hide from the ultrasound) and they caused bleeding during sex that eventually became full time bleeding for a year straight. Surgery fixed it then, but I really don't want to have more surgery. :-( But I guess if I don't have a choice . . .

G-Man said...

You do indeed need to exercise the Rabbit Hole a little more....

The Troll said...

I didn't read the part after the warning. I already snorted out my Tea with the "Is it wrong..." question.

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Skype? I have never heard of it until now. I will have to take a look at this.

My kids went to see Walle yesterday with the Ex. They had a good time. I went to see Hancock with the wife. That was a good movie.

I think it be time to visit with the MD on the bleeding thing. Oh, and take Iron must be losing a lot of Iron.


Tom Allen said...

Bunn - I've seen this before. It could be a little polyp inside. My wife had one snipped at the Gyno, and it was fine afterwards.

Sheen V said...

Yes, go see the doctor!

Blonde, Not Stupid said...

Skype's trying to tell you that you can live without that ass of a man.

On the TMI thing - have you been to the gyno lately? It could be a 40 thing, too. I found that monthly fun after 40 is no longer predictable. Not just that they start moving around on your calendar, but the consistency changes and it's literally time to run to the bathroom when things are happening.