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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

TMI Tuesday

TMI Tuesday - School Days Edition

1. What were you known as in HS (Jock, Princess, Geek)

Depends on the crowd. Mostly I was probably classified as a brainiac, but I was also a band geek and a partier and I also was friends with some of the "popular" kids, so I knew pretty much everybody. I participated in sports, but I was by no means a jock.

2. What were you really?

Deep down inside, a geek. I enjoyed school and learning. The party side of me was pretty well developed as well. People who knew me as a National Honor Society-Girl Scout-teacher's pet kind of kid were always surprised to find me at parties with the "bad" kids, drinking and handcuffed to my boyfriend.

3. If you could go back and tell your 16 year old self one thing, what would it be?

Slow down! Take some time to enjoy things. Drink less, take more AP classes.

4. If you could erase one moment from your school days what would it be?

In the fifth grade spelling bee (on the radio!), I screwed up on an easy word because of nervousness. I don't remember the exact word, but I remember vividly that it ended in -ed. I screwed up by spelling the word correctly until the very end when I finished with -ing instead of -ed. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

5. Who did you not date (or more) that you wish you did?

I pretty much dated who I wanted.

Bonus (as in optional): If you went to prom, describe your outfit.

One was a long red and black dress, worn with strappy black sandals:

One was long lavender Gunne Sax dress. (It was the early 80s!!) I honestly don't remember the shoes. Here, just look for yourself:

I thought I was incredibly fat when this picture was taken.
I had blown up to a size 3 and thought I was the Goodyear blimp.
I was an idiot.

To blog is a self-invasion of privacy


sandy shoes said...

I was seen as brainiac/loner/slut. Weird.

Oh, the things I would tell myself! To relax, for one. And to avoid some behavior that still haunts me...

Anyway. Bunny, the 5th grade spelling bee! Me too! I lost mine on "bouquet," which I spelled "boquet." The girl behind me learned from my mistake and spelled it right. We weren't on the radio though, yikes!

Christina_the_wench said...

I think we are sisters from another mother. You described me perfectly in hs.

God, the feathered hair and the big ass dress. The '80's were something. They sure give my teen daughters something to laugh at now.

SP said...

The 80's were awesome! As I graduated right in the middle of the decade, I have to say that lol. But it did give us some great music!!!

Biscuit said...

Gunne Sax! I'd totally forgotten! This is such a fun trip down bad memory lane today! :)

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

The pictures are priceless (and the red dress is still kinda cute). They say everything comes back, no?

Desmond Jones said...

Aw, Bunny, you wuz such a cutie!

I'd have been seen as Brainiac and Jesus Freak; and sometime jock wanna-be. Which was pretty close to the truth. But, like you, I had friends who spanned the social gamut.

Once, when I was in college (Go Green!), I ran into a girl from my high school (a grade younger than me), and we had lunch together. As we got up to leave, she said to me, "Wow, you're nothing at all like what I thought you were." Which made me wonder, just a little. . .

Vixen said...

LOLOL *LOVE* the pics. You were ADORABLE!!!

happyTMI chickie xo

Craze said...

I like this one. Damn, too bad we can't pass some of our newfound, mature knowledge onto some of those HS kids. We really had no clue.

Edi said...

I grew up and realized I was a loander :) It's okay once you come to terms with it. I actually really like your pink prom dress! It reminds me of the movie Pretty in Pink.

I was little in the 80's so it was stirrup pants and sideways ponytails for me :)

Amorous Rocker said...

Love your answers!

If I broke it down to categories I was about 8 or 9 different ones, lol.

Your #3 is great. =) Love that.

Happy TMI!

Polt said...

Sweetie, all teenagers in the 80's were idiots. :)


G-Man said...

Braniac Beautiful Bunny...Still!!

Meg said...

I used to refer to myself as a "social freak." I was part "social"--student council, newspaper staff, and part "freak"--party-er, concert-goer.

Seems like my blog still reflects that identity crisis.

terry said...

yes, if only i were as "fat" now as i thought i was in high school..