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Friday, July 18, 2008

The Dark Knight

I didn't want to deal with the tiredness that would result from going to a midnight showing of The Dark Knight, so I went to the first matinee today (only $5!). I saw it on a regular movie screen as the IMAX is sold out into Monday. Cool movie. Heath Ledger is as good as "they" say. Maggie Gyllenhall has no chemistry with anybody else in the movie, so I found the romance aspects to be seriously lacking. Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine are what you expect, Gary Oldman's true accent slips through occasionally, Aaron Eckhart is hot, and Christian Bale is WAY HOTTER even if his "stage whisper" voice as Batman does get a tad annoying (and he's a bit too thin and we don't see near enough shirtless Bruce Wayne). And I was surprised to see one of my favorite pretend boyfriends in the movie - William Fichtner! He's not in it long, but he's totally hot while he's there.

I won't discuss it any further so as to not give anything away. It's long - 2.5 hrs - so pee before the movie starts, especially if you get the $10,000 monster barrel o' soda.


A main character dies and I think we are supposed to feel sad or heartbroken or something. I was glad to see the character go as I find that character as annoying as hell. Just had to toss that out there.


Vixen said...

Ok. Then it WASN'T just me!

We took the kids to see it tonight. I felt like it took forever to get to where they were going. I found the last 1/4 of the movie good. Particular characters were good in their roles, but over all, I just didn't love it.

And the thing you mentioned....I didn't love they cast that person in the first place and when they had that just didn't strike a cord with me much.

SP said...

Maggie Gylenhall. Blah.

Don't like her, don't think she can act well, not attracted to her in the least... just WTF do people see in her?

Anyway, I'll be going to see it hopefully within the next couple weeks.

Slick said...

Let me guess...

The woman dies, right?? Hope she shows her breasts before she kicks the bucket!

Watched the trailer....looks pretty good.

Old Knudsen said...

Maggie Gylenhall has an ordinary cuteness about her, far more likeable than that cruise woman. I get annoyed when serial killers just kill really hot weemen in films without making them get naked, thats just me ghey serial killers shouldn't be allowed to marry BTW.