Is it a sex blog? A mommy blog? A bitch & moan blog? Um, . . . yeah. This is my place to be totally honest. In my real life, I feel like I'm always lying to somebody about something. Here, I am totally honest. Brutally so. However, no matter what bad things I say about my kids, I adore them and would never ever really, say, sell them on Ebay. The husband, often referred to as Spousehole, is another story. Oh yeah - if you are under 18 (or if you are my husband), please leave now.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

The free association meme - play along!

  1. Goodbye :: Girl

  2. Cage :: Cat (this makes more sense if you read this and then this)

  3. Buddy :: Love

  4. Magic words :: Fuck me

  5. Library :: Heaven

  6. Fall in love :: Fool

  7. Tense :: Relax

  8. Work! :: Not!

  9. Empty :: Promises

  10. Heat wave :: Burning in my heart


Polt said...

"Fuck me" ARE the magic words! Surprised, and not a bit disappointed, that I didn't think of them. :)


Edtime Stories said...


Anonymous said...

LOVE the magic words!!