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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

TMI Tuesday!

Come play with us!

1. If you're in love with your partner, does it make the sex better?

Yes. And no. It makes it much more emotional, more than just a physical act. It takes it to another level. But loving someone with all your heart won't improve a lack of skills. That takes time and training. But if you are in love, you are willing to take the time to show them what to do and how to do it. If you are in love, you are willing to do what your partner asks or shows you to make it better, so long as it remains within your personal limits.

2. What is the most expensive sex toy you've ever purchased?

I'm really cheap. Probably $30 or so. There are some I really, really want that cost more (a lot more!), but I'm just too much of a tightwad to splurge.

3. If you knew ahead of time you would not have an orgasm, would you still have sex?

Would I? I have! Many, many times. Sometimes I go into it knowing that I'm not going to come, I'm just not there mentally or physically at that particular moment, but I'm all about pleasing my partner. Sex can be about more than reaching climax myself, it can be about feeling close to my partner physically and emotionally, connecting on a deeper level.

4. What celebrity would you most like to have sex with if given the chance?

It would be a tie between Eve Salvail and Wes Bentley. Two very sexy individuals.

5. Have you ever had sex while an audience watched?

How many does it take to be considered "an audience"? If it's more than 2 people, then no. If 1 or 2 counts as an audience, then yes.

Bonus (as in optional): Describe the best sexual encounter you've ever had.

I can't. There are so many that were "the best." The best in terms of emotional fulfillment, the best in terms of how well I pleased my partner, the best in terms of how well my partner pleased me, the best in a car, the best with other people in the room, the best outdoors, the best in a hotel, the best at home, and on and on and on. I can't single out any one as the best overall.

Or maybe I can and I just don't want to share the details, because it was that wonderful and fulfilling and personal and I don't want to cheapen it by sharing.


Vixen said...

What does constitute an audience?! I had difficulty too, lol.


Desmond Jones said...

1) Just between you and me, the whole idea of having sex without love strikes me as kinda repugnant. . .

2) I was amazed, when I went to buy Molly a filmy negligee (I mean, we're talking seriously 'negligible'), it cost something like $75. Kinda like inversely proportional to its 'substantiality'.

3) I think Molly would agree with you here. She orgasms more now than she used to (partly, I think, because I've told her that it's better for me when she does), but she is adamant that, for her, the intimacy and bonding far outweigh the orgasm.

5) Does being listened in on count? If we didn't know we were being listened in on? (And no, I'm not talking about our kids. . .)

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

I can relate on the orgasm front--sex can be about so much more than just reaching that simple climax. :)

Happy TMI!

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Bunny! Good post. Happy TMI.

I agree with your assesment of being in love. Skills man, its all about skills.

Hey, while you are at it, please look me up on Myspace. Tried getting to you but you have security I can not breach. I am Flyinfox_SATX there.


Craze said...

Sometimes sharing does seem to cheapen the experience huh? I never been one for sex without love. For me it seems that it takes time to build a mutal, sexual satisfying relationship and love only enhances that.

Samantha said...

hmmmm lol I just thought anyone that's not physically involved in the act would be considered an audience ? lol did that sound like I looked it up in Webster ?!? lol Great answers! Happy TMI!

G-Man said...

Frugal Bunny...hehehehe

The Troll said...

Never heard of Bentley or Eve. I did your Meme thing!

Stephen Rader said...

"...the best in a car, the best with other people in the room, the best outdoors, the best in a hotel, the best at home..."

I LOVE how your mind works!!! Great answers as always!