Is it a sex blog? A mommy blog? A bitch & moan blog? Um, . . . yeah. This is my place to be totally honest. In my real life, I feel like I'm always lying to somebody about something. Here, I am totally honest. Brutally so. However, no matter what bad things I say about my kids, I adore them and would never ever really, say, sell them on Ebay. The husband, often referred to as Spousehole, is another story. Oh yeah - if you are under 18 (or if you are my husband), please leave now.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

MeMe, It's all about ME!

I have been a bad, bad blogger. I have failed to answer three (3!) tags!! I'm going to blogger hell for sure. Since two were the same meme, I'll just do it twice.

First, the incomparable Gretty tagged me for the Fill in the Blank meme:

1. I can’t believe I’ve never…
traveled outside of North America (I'm including the Caribbean as part of North America, whether it is or not)

2. Every time I think about … I still cringe.
all the embarassing things I did in college

3. I wish I’d …when I had the chance.
made a different career choice

4. I’ve never felt so out of place as when I…
started attending church again in my 30s

5. … is my guiltiest pleasure.
Sex with men other than my husband

6. I hope … know(s) how grateful I am for …
my parents . . . raising me in a half-way normal family, moving to Michigan from North Carolina when I was 8 (although I hated them for it at the time), and making it possible for me to get an education.

7. In my darkest hours, I secretly blame … for my dysfunction.

a lack of alcohol and cocaine

(If I just drank more it would all be okay!)...

8. … changed my life forever.

Meeting Spousehole

The lovely Amorous Chick (fka the Amorous Rocker) and the sexiest Troll I ever hope to meet both tagged me for the Six Word Memoir meme. I don't feel like re-typing how it works - just go see Mr. Troll. I wrote a few and posted them in comments on others' blogs, so if these seem familiar, that would be why:

Planned life, took detour, hopelessly lost.

Wife, Mother, Daughter; Searching for . . . Something

I'm not tagging anyone for these, because that's just the mood I'm in. If you want to give them a go, feel free and let me know!


Lady in red said...

I am sure you will find yourself soon.....keep faith in yourself


Tara Tainton said...

Well, the blogosphere may ban you for your belated tag posts, but I still love you. :)


Trueself said...

I've already done the six word memoir but haven't done the fill in the blank one yet so that just may be tomorrow's post for me. Provided W doesn't do something idiotic to blog about in the meantime. . .

I don't think you're hopelessly lost, and I don't think it will be all that long before you find what you are looking for. I really think you're going in the right direction. Keep moving forward, and you'll find your way.

The Silent Male said...

I'm likin' #7 - very philosophical.

Vixen said...

Love your answers to that first meme..... :)

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be a spoilsport...but...going back to church conflicts with the sex with others than spousehole...and with that in mind it seems strange to complain about gum-popping people at church.

Just my $0.01 since I'm also lost and have a lot of contradictions in my life.

Stealth said...

ooo...I like those memes.

Very nice.

I don't like your spousehole. :(

BJ said...

What career choice?

Bunny Bunster said...

I would borrow these, but my answers are the same!!

sorry i haven't visited in a while, busy with life...