Is it a sex blog? A mommy blog? A bitch & moan blog? Um, . . . yeah. This is my place to be totally honest. In my real life, I feel like I'm always lying to somebody about something. Here, I am totally honest. Brutally so. However, no matter what bad things I say about my kids, I adore them and would never ever really, say, sell them on Ebay. The husband, often referred to as Spousehole, is another story. Oh yeah - if you are under 18 (or if you are my husband), please leave now.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

TMI Tuesday!

Come play with us!

1. Your boyfriend/girlfriend cheats on you with your best friend, who are you (more) mad at?

I'm absolutely furious with the best friend, even more than the boyfriend, and probably will dump them both.

2. Is there something someone could say to you that would cross a boundary of not being able to take back or forgive them?

Several years ago I would have said yes, absolutely. Now, to my surprise, I have to say no. Spousehole has said the things to me that I believed I could never forgive and I have been able to move past it. Sometimes we even surprise ourselves.

3. What non-sexual body part do you find the sexiest?

The brain, no question. A sexy brain is more important than any physical quality.
If you really want something physical though, I have a thing for shoulders. Broad, sexy shoulders. And thighs. Toned, but not excessively defined man-thighs. But then there are also hands. Large, slightly rough hands. Mmmmmm. I think I need some alone time. If you'll excuse me for just a moment . . .

4. Would you ever consider cosmetic surgery to have the perfect body?

I would consider it, but there's not enough money in the world to pay for all the changes I would need!

5. Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?

Yes ;-)

Bonus (as in optional) If you were going to have a one night stand, who would you rather it be with- an ex or someone totally random you just met?

An ex, probably, because I know them and know what to expect. While being with someone new is totally hot, learning about their body, their desires, -- there's something to be said for the familiar as well. Sex with an ex is probably safer (not as in "safe sex" just as in overall physical well-being safer) than a hook-up with a total stranger.

* * * *

Things around here have been good. Really, really good. I'm glad, but a little concerned too. Wondering when the bottom will fall out.

Spousehole has been acting like the man I married, not the ogre I've lived with for so long. He's pleasant, accommodating, affectionate (!), and just plain happy. It's bizarre. Sure there is some nervousness about the new job, the details of his moving down there, etc., but for the most part he's a different person. How is he different:

He put his wedding ring back on.
I got up to use the bathroom a couple nights ago and on my way back to bed he asked me to instead lay down and snuggle with him (we've slept in separate rooms for a very long time, only occasionally sleeping in the same bed and then only with pillows between us).
He washed my back in the shower and said nice things about my breasts.
He told me he loves me, in a nice way.
He's been hugging me for no reason at all.
When we were going up from the church hall to the sanctuary for church on Sunday he held my hand. Initiated it even.
He wants to spend at least one night, if not a weekend, alone together before he goes to South Carolina
He didn't object to my going out for and spending money on a manicure last night

I'm not sure who this guy is, but I'd like to keep him!


G-Man said...

Bunny...You need NO cosmetic surgery, you are very sexy, and very beautiful.

Hot Bunny...

Always open, always honest with your loyal fans...Thanks


ATLLG said...

My blood report is in the mail.

Great answers!


I Smile 2 Much said...

your #2. and how u say sometimes we surprise even ourselves. BTDT. i hear ya loud & clear ; )

#3- the BRAIN. yikes. YES; i totally 4got about that. i luv the broad shoulders, 2! and thighs. oh yummy yum!

and wow. your Hubby. sounds like things r goin good4 him. thats cool ; ) enjoy that! ; ) sometimes with hubbies, we just never know how long it'll last : ) (lol- ha ha

Blonde, Not Stupid said...

Sounds like a man who wants to have his cake & eat it, too. He's trying to get you to let your guard down.

Desmond Jones said...

As my birth-father said to me when we first met, "Well you know, nobody's a PERFECT asshole. . ."

Stratocast said...

Re: Spousehole, that's a MAJOR shift! I'm always a bit of an optimist, but that seems pretty encouraging to me.

Amorous Rocker said...

"Sometimes we even surprise ourselves."

That is so, so true.

I *love* your answer to 3. A good mind that contains an intelligent brain is incredibly hot.

All of your answers were great! As always. Happy TMI! =)

Vixen said...

Aww, I loved your answers.

Good news on the homefront. *hugs*

Edtime Stories said...

wow I don't know what to say

Biscuit said...

I hope his new attitude continues :)

Sheen V said...

That's great that he's coming around! Maybe his job was so stressful that he just wasn't himself. That happened to me a few years ago when I was travelling quite frequently and getting no credit for any of the accomplishments.

Craze said...

I'm new so I don't know the history of your marriage but I'm glad he's coming back around. I agree, sex with someone familiar would be easier than with a stranger.

lime said...

could we infect my husband with whatever has gotten a hold of yours?

Bunny Bunster said...

Although I'm newish to your blog, I have to agree with "blonde, not stupid", he's trying to get your guard down so you'll move with him and then he will start up his shit again.
Just a feelin'...