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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random Bites

A question for all you sutherners out there: where do the lizards go? That is, when "winter" comes, where do the lizards go? Do they hibernate? Do they hunker down somewhere and lay low until temps go up again? Do they lay eggs and then die, so the lizards that reappear in summer are the offspring of last year's lizards? Do they migrate somewhere? I honestly don't know much at all about lizards. We just didn't have them in Michigan. All I know is that when we moved into this house in September, there were lizards every-freakin'-where and by December there were none. Covering my screen porch, then nuthin'. I assume they'll be back, but I've been wondering where they go. Thanks in advance for the help. :-)

orlando bloom
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The kids and I will be spending most of July in Michigan. That's how I'm choosing to deal with the South Carolina summer heat and humidity.

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We celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary at the beginning of the month. My in-laws stayed with the kids and we were able to spend a night kid-free. We couldn't spend the whole weekend, as we had initially planned, because my in-laws arrived on Friday afternoon and needed to leave by noon on Saturday as they intended to be in Maine by Sunday night. There was dinner, there was ice cream, there was a movie, and there was even nookie! That's twice in a year - woo hoo.

.disappearing ingenue by melissa pritchard totally looks like the virgin suicides by jeffrey eugenides
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My health is improving. Blood pressure is WAY down and blood sugar is back in a better range. The miracle of modern pharmaceuticals. Better living through chemistry.

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Anonymous said...

I lived in the south a few years and I don't know where those lizards go either.

lime said...

well, we actually have reptiles and amphibians in the north and they go dormant or hibernate up here. i assume they do the same in the south too.

Desmond Jones said...

Well, as you know, Michigan in July can be pretty hot & humid, too. . .

But hey, we'll look forward to having you back with us for a while. . . ;)

sandy shoes said...

Good to hear from you... especially that the bp and sugar are good.

Alfro said...

congrats on the anniv nookie. Lets go for #3 now.

Glad to hear about the BP and blood sugar. that had me concerned before. after the Dr. put me on BP meds, I stopped by the bakery for a congradulatory donut to celebrate.

Val said...

That is good news all around (health & maritally-related)!
Lizards generally do hibernate in the winter (in the deep South, that's only late Nov - Feb) & lifespan depends upon the species...
(I still can't believe I bought Z a fancy Australian fence-lizard, aka a bearded dragon! but we can expect he'll live about 10 yrs)

Semi-Celibate Man said...

Tenth? Youngun! Congrats...on the nookie too.

Dating said...

Such tricky grimace on second pictures.