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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods

Merry Christmas everyone!!

I hope this day finds you warmly ensconced with family and/or friends, enjoying the peace of the season.

Me? Not so much. At least not yet.

I'm writing this from the "business center" of a Comfort Inn in Michigan. We left South Carolina Tuesday night after my husband got home from work. We stayed in Asheville, N.C. that night and then left Wednesday morning for Michigan. I drove about 7 hours and he drove about 6 hours, yet we are still not to my parents' house. Arggh!

Michigan had a warm-up on Wednesday afternoon that melted some of the snow. By the time we arrived in Michigan that night, the melted snow re-froze as ice all over the highway. We lost count of the number of cars we saw lose control and end up in the median or off the side of the road. At my parents' urging, we got a hotel room and will continue on this morning when my lazy-ass husband and kids get their sleepy butts out of bed. (8:30 a.m. edit: THEY ARE STILL SLEEPING!) And have some breakfast. We were going to go super-cheap and stay at a Red Roof Inn, but then remembered that there wouldn't be anyplace open for breakfast on Christmas morning. We therefore decided to go with Comfort Inn because they always have a decent breakfast including make-your-own waffles ("And in the morning, I'm makin' waffles!" - name the movie for extra bunny points).

So I hope Christmas morning finds you in the embrace of loved ones in a cozy warm home, instead of an impersonal hotel looking forward to a slippery drive to your destination.

Merry Christmas!!!!

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Trueself said...

I know! I know! The quote is said by Donkey in Shrek.

What do I get for my extra bunny points?

Oh, and if you'd care to trade bad Christmas situations I'd be happy to send W and Q your way and take on Spousehole and the icy weather. Yes, it's really that bad.

viemoira said...

Do I still get points if I swear I knew it was donkey in Shrek before I saw the comment above?
I hope you reached your destination safely and have some holiday enjoyment!

sandy shoes said...

Shrek! Eddie Murphy is awesome in that.

What a beastly drive. I hope you got there safe and had fun.

I made the pretzel-Hugs-M&M thingys. Fun!

Vixen said...

Merry Christmas Bunny....I hope it began to feel more like Christmas for you.

Desmond Jones said...

Well, by the time we left Michigan late Christmas morning, the sun was out, and the roads were dry! Still didn't want to mess with the 'snow belt' around Benton Harbor, tho; we dropped down and paid the $6 to use the Indiana Toll Road. . .

Anonymous said...

Hope you made it to your parents house in one piece.
I too knew it was Donkey from Shrek!
Happy Holidays.

Project Christopher said...


but seems everyone knew it :)

kudos for having an obscure movie quote reference contest... they're my favorite! sadly, i do it in real life too... :)

Carol said...

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas once you made it to your destination. Ahh, traveling. I don't miss it.

I've got to say, my dad loves those hotel waffles so much that I bought him one of the hotel flipping waffle makers for Christmas. I hear he brought it to my brother's house Christmas morning and made waffles. Score! I managed to get dad a gift that isn't just going to collect dust.

Kittie Kate said...


Hope you had a good Christmas. Happy New Years!