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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My heart is breaking for another blogger today. The Silent Male's wife passed away Tuesday. She was very young (I don't think 40 yet). Although she had suffered from many health problems, this is a big shock. They are in the process of buying a house and had so much to which to look forward. She leaves her husband, teen daughter and stepson (both 14), and young son (9) to celebrate her memory.

Part of SM's message:

She had been battling illness for years and went peacefully. I want to thank everyone in advance for thoughts and prayers. I won't be available very much over the next few days to say Thank You. She believed in Jesus and I believe she has gone to heaven to meet him in person.

If you are the praying type, please say a prayer for SM and his family. I know he would appreciate it.

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lime said...

it's always so sad when someone so young leaves. i pray for comfort for her bereaved family.

Desmond Jones said...

Oh, my, that's so sudden, even tho she'd been sick for awhile.

I will pray for the family. . .

TUG said...

I don't care how sick someone is or how prepared you think you are. It never really helps when it happens. I hope they can lean on each other.