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Monday, January 5, 2009

Mute Monday - W

W is for Winter

In Michigan:

In South Carolina:

(Pretty much the same as other times of year, except for the dormant grass)

(This was the big "snowstorm" of 2003. Note the cadets in their warmest coats.)

Not so mute addition:
While I do love the prettiness of a fresh snowfall and the beautiful trees after an ice storm, I don't miss cold temperatures, treacherous driving, and power outages. We experienced all of that in our brief trip "home" to Michigan for Christmas. Icy roads prevented our making it to my parents' house on Christmas Eve as planned, so we spent that night and most of Christmas morning in a hotel (but at least we got a hot breakfast - got to love Comfort Inn breakfasts except at Lexington Ky, which does not have make-your-own-waffles. In fact, the CI we stayed at in Michigan even had a hot pasta bar when we checked in at 9:30 at night. Above and beyond, that's for sure)

The kids loved playing the snow at my parents' house. Since they are a mile inland from Lake Michigan and right on a smaller lake that connects to Lake Michigan), they had A LOT of lake effect snow. We brought all our snow gear, plus my sister had a bunch of stuff her son had outgrown, so the kids got their now-annual snow play in without getting too cold and wet.

Then we went north to my in-laws' place. Thanks to an overnight ice storm, we woke up Sunday morning to a cold, electricity-free house. Being in the boonies, they have well water, which means you need the electricity to run the pump. The boys (Spousehole, FIL, and BIL) tried in vain to get the generator going, but it was no use. Just when they finally figured out the problem, the electricity came back on. Lesson learned: just buying the generator, having the electrician install the hook-up so you can power the whole house, and then letting it sit for two years is not enough. Fire it up once or twice before you actually need it to make sure you know wth you are doing! And that you have the little lever that shifts it from tortoise to hare (slow to fast). (BIL has his own generator and knew what to do if only they could locate the lever, but FIL-the-engineer didn't want to listen to BIL-the-graphic-artist/photographer, because really - what could an artist actually know about a mechanical item?)

Considering how my parents had told us about the pounding they were getting from snow, snow, and more snow, we were surprised to not even see snow on our trip north until we hit mid-Michigan. But by the time we reached the Lake Michigan coast, there were feet of it. FEET.

All-in-all, we were not sorry to return to the weather that passes for "winter" in the south. It's 75 degrees and sunny today. No, we don't miss winter all that much. I think I could survive quite nicely if I never lift a snow shovel or operate a snow blower again. (One of my southern born-and-raised neighbors actually thought a snow blower was like a leaf blower - lol!)


Project Christopher said...

Yep... it's a contrast isn't it? I always thought it was funny that after living in upstate South Carolina at the foothills of the mountains (where we got a couple of snow/ice storms a year) I never had a white Christmas until the first year I lived in Charleston.

Your second SC shot; I used to live a block behind the 3 story house with the round turret porches. I loved running on the battery in the morning!

Desmond Jones said...

So. . . do you miss it?

The frozen lakes and snow-covered forests are beautiful in the extreme. But, when I have to get up and drive to work in gray slush and freezing rain, I wonder. . .

Ree said...

Well, right now, Ann Arbor in winter is fairly green... amazingly enough after the foot of snow that fell the Friday before Christmas.


Happy Mute Monday.

TROLL said...

I think you took pics that make both places look nice in their own way.

Happy Mute Monday!

Big Shamu said...

Not a winter person at all. Give me a nice deep south winter any day.
Happy Mute Monday

Sailor said...

A lot of contrast indeed; as a Minnesota boy, born-n-bred, I miss real winters. Here in NY, not far enough upstate for the lake-effect snow, we have nothing. :( :(

Hope you enjoy anyway though!

Gypsy said...

What a shame snow and ice are so treacherous because they certainly make everything look Christmas Card perfect.

Lovely pics Bunny and Happy MM.

Bear said...

As an Aussie I had to wait until I was in Ohio on business a year or so ago before I experienced falling snow for the first time.

I would love a white winters.

Well done and happy MM.

K9 said...

well a crisp white winter is lovely -problem is it doesnt stay that way. its wet here for days now -not that i am complaining just noticing. fun seeing the cadets. happy MM!

fishy said...

Nice study in contrasts! I'll take the SC winters over the Michigan winters every time although the Michigan lakeside photo was very beautiful. Sounds like you and I had parts of the same Christmas trip! If you read back on my blog to the posting before New Year you'll understand what I mean! Happy Mute Monday, thanks for visiting the Pond.

Aunty Belle said...

Lovely images--winter has it's own beauty. Stark and clear but somehow sculptural.

Happy MM!

moi said...

Now THAT'S a winter! I'll never complain again. Happy Mute Monday!

Vixen said...

I've always wondered how it might be to move to an entirely different climate in the winter. I just can't imagine ever doing it, so it makes me highly curious when others do. LOL

Great pics. :)