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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Root of the Problem

We were told that the basement of our new-to-us house in suburban Chicago was very, very dry. Never a water problem. Ever.
So imagine our surprise Thursday morning, waking up to 4" of water in the basement. The carpet and pad were floating on the water. Spousehole poured water out of the computer case. Worst of all: the poor cats were trapped in the utility room and the fat one couldn't jump up on the washer or dryer because he's SO fat (25 lbs., if you were wondering). He was a very wet baby.

We had a bad storm Wed night/Thur morn and most of the water in the basement was storm water. But not all. There was some "blackwater" too. Ewww.

Eventually it was determined that there was a break in the sewer line somewhere between the house and the road. Wastewater has been draining into the front yard, probably since we moved in last month, but the storm pushed the soil beyond the saturation point and, voila!, a back-up.

They had to dig a trench in the basement and access the line that way. They took out some enormous roots that had pressed down on the clay pipe and shattered it, along with some more roots out near the street that were blocking the line as well. It was a huge mess. It's hard seeing what was your nice comfy family room become a mud-filled disaster zone.

New pipe was laid and we can once again pee, shower, wash dishes, wash clothes, and in all ways dispose of liquids in a sanitary manner. The family room reconstruction will have to wait until everything is dry.

The Rabbit family has been welcomed to Illinois in a spectacular fashion.

To top off my fabulous time, Spousehole is mad at me but I have no idea why. This morning my daughter presented me with Spousehole's wedding ring, saying "Mommy, look what I found!" I hate these little games of his. Sometimes it makes me hate him.


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Val said...

Good to see a new post from ya, even if it's bad news!
Thanks for the "FML" link; I've also found another blog:
[I started to type "that I like", but like is not the correct term; I admire these women who are posting so honestly about their lives. Maybe I'll get my nerve up soon!]

Anonymous said...

I have never played a game like that, so I couldn't offer any thoughts on why someone might do something like that.

sandy shoes said...

March 17, May 17... please post again before July 17! :).

What a mess, with the basement... I hope your insurance is good about covering it, and that the rest of your Welcome to Illinois experience has been a lot better.

Desmond Jones said...

Ugh. . . Soggy carpet is the worst! (Tho I confess the mental image of a soggy cat is probably giving me more mirth than it should. . .)

We've got a large maple tree in our front yard, directly across the path of our sewer line on its way to the main drain. Since we've lived in our current house, we've just resigned ourselves to having it roto-rooted every year or so. . .

As to the ring thing. . . I can't think of anything to say. I have some passive-aggressive tendencies of my own, but I mostly realize how ridiculous it makes me look. And taking off his wedding ring is making a statement of a sort that I'm guessing he really doesn't mean to make (and if he does, then he ought to have his bluff called. . .)

Joker_SATX said...

OK, That's nasty. So, why is this your fault, again? I must have missed that part.

aphron said...

Sorry for the basement. That sounds stressful AND expensive.

As for the ring thing...I have first hand experience with that. Sybil pulls that crap whenever she feels like she is a victim. The first couple of times it really bothered me. It was saying that she divorced me, kind of thing. Now, whatever. If she feels froggy, then she can jump. It's B.S.

I don't have any words of wisdom, except: whatever. If that is how he/she wants to play it, then fine. That rings seems to come off pretty easily, but mine does too.